Reviewing In Retrospect: 2014 Forest Hills Drive Was A Forgettably Mediocre Album

Reviewing In Retrospect: 2014 Forest Hills Drive Was A Forgettably Mediocre Album
I truly used to love this album, and after returning to it, Ive realized it is incredibly bland. This album is the “Oscar-bait” equivalent to a classic hip hop record. Its a ‘play it safe so everyone will like it’ kind of record and thats not what rap is about, at least to me.Sure, at face value it has all the things that make for a great hip hop album. Introspective lyrics, good beats, clever wordplay, and a few ‘controversial’ bars, but after looking back on this album, it really is only the essence of these things that show up. Sounds like nonsense, but ill explain.Often times the lyrics, though personal, aren’t particularly meaningful or moving. Sharing a personal experience, doesn’t make an album more ‘deep’ or ‘introspective’ if they’re just superficial observations on yourself. Dear HipHopHeads, my girlfriend and I are in a fight right now and its my fault. Im really upset about it. Thats a true story. Do you feel anything? I didn’t think so. Just sharing an event or feeling doesn’t make it meaningful to the listener. Especially when its a little too close for comfort (i.e. Wet Dreamz)The production hasn’t aged very well at all, often sounding flat and one-dimensional. Other than standouts such as A Tale of 2 Cities, January 28th, and Firing Squad, much of the beats sound like a majority of the other Hip Hop released that year. Sometimes, even worse, such as St. Tropez or Hello, which I find to be incredibly lifeless and dull instrumentals. True Hip Hop classics such as MadVilliany or Stankonia have instrumentals that would sound fresh and exciting if they were released yesterday.Now this is a point Im sure some people will disagree with me on, but in hindsight J Coles wordplay is frequently bordering on mediocre and, at times, on a Lil Wayne-esque level of corniness. I’ll give examples, but I will say that these quotes do not sum up the albums wordplay as a whole. He IS capable of memorable and clever bars. However, I found them to be few and far between. Ex. 1: “Niggas is faker than anime, Me I never hate, get cake like Anna Mae, whoa Eat the cake bitch, eat the damn cake Fuck good nigga, we demand great” Ex. 2: “Another day, another rhyme, ho Another day, another timezone Today I woke up horny so its only right I got two bitches playing on my trombone” Ex. 3: “Out in Hollywood, bring back 5 or 6 hoes Fuck em than we kick em to the do’, nigga you know how it go, she deserved that, she a bird, its a bird trap”Now the part everyone hyped up, the oh so “controversial” lines in the album. After listening through the entire album, I could find only one potentially controversy causing line. And of course, its the line about white rappers. People acted like J Cole had done something unprecedented in the history of music because he… said the names of a few white rappers? He doesn’t at any point diss them, say they’re trash or that they shouldn’t rap. He simply states (facts that everyone knows, btw), that hip hop used to be almost exclusively black and there are now white people who have won awards for it. Are people that desperate for controversy that we have to pretend that is a ‘big deal.’ Now if he had gone off on Eminem or Macklemore and said they’re frauds and a disgrace to the genre, that would’ve been something to write home about. But hip hop controversy isn’t about just saying the names of other rappers, which ive noticed to be a trend ever since Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse. Childish Gambino recently listed a bunch of names during a freestyle that he was “on top of” and people acted as though he ended their careers. For me at least, just saying someones name doesn’t qualify as a “diss”. Its lazy writing, and again, Hip Hop isn’t about lazy writing.If you’ve read this far, you the real MVP. Do you agree? Disagree? Think Im a lame ass white boy who knows nothing about Hip Hop? Let me know in the replies.
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