Shine Appreciation Thread

Shine Appreciation Thread
Some background: I listen mostly to the first four albums and b-sides for most of the time I’ve been a fan, and GODDAMN Shine is such a beautiful song and it’s criminal that it’s never played live. If Matt does end up doing an acoustic album, I’d be nearly shitting myself if any of the songs come close to the feel on Shine, Screenager, Soldier’s Poem, or maybe including acoustic version of Glorious/Escape/Eternally Missed/etc.The chord progression in the verses in Shine is just as hypnotic as the lyrics, I tear up just about every time I hear “hope was the one, now I’m gone. take me back again”tl;dr Muse does acoustic stuff so well, pls Mat, i ned mor
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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