Sora’s OC-Contest #11

Sora’s OC-Contest #11
Hello OCPoets! Last contest’s entries were fantastic, and displayed your capabilities for narration at their finest. Now it’s time to tackle the other main type of poetry: lyric poetry.Lyric poetry is poetry that is more focused on the emotions or emotional ramifications of a scene or narrative rather than describing the narrative itself. Lyric poetry is more focused inside the character’ psyche, while narrative poetry is generally more focused outside the psyche. Of course, lyric poetry includes external elements and narrative poetry includes internal ones, so the line between them is very faint. Nonetheless, it is a healthy distinction to make.This week’s challenge is as follows:-Write a free verse lyric poem about either a romantic encounter or someone walking through a unique location, same guidelines as last time.OR-Write a free verse lyric poem about mourning the death of a loved one. Such poems are often categorized as elegies or, if they focused more on praising the deceased, eulogies.Things I’ll Be Looking For This Week:Adherence to free verse. No rhyme, no meter.Emotional power of the lyric. I want to feel this person’s emotions, and I want to feel them intimately.Focus more on the subject’s emotions rather than the narrative itself. You can include narrative details of course, but the main goal of the piece should be an emotional exploration.How does judgment work?Judgment will be subjective. I will not be using a points system or a specific rubric, since such tools only obfuscate the value a given piece can have. There are spectacular pieces that may lack greatly in one category, but are simply amazing on their own merits. Conversely there are pieces that don’t lack greatly in any category but just don’t work for whatever reason. However, you will always be provided guidelines on which aspects of a piece I will be looking for in particular. For instance, for a haiku contest, I would be looking for strong kireji For a sonnet contest, I would be looking for good adherence to iambic pentameter and a strong volta. In order to ensure that judgment is not completely biased towards my proclivities, I will be asking fellow members of the mod team for second opinions on any judgments I arrive at, though the verdict will ultimately be mine.Placing and Prizes?Prizes will be awarded to the authors of the #1, 2, and 3 best poems, and placings will be denoted for the top 5 poems. Prizes will vary from contest to contest, but they will almost always entail guaranteed feedback from yours truly or one of the other mods if they oblige.Rules-Any poem that does not follow the given prompt will be immediately disqualified. Each user will be allowed to post up to two poems for judgment, and no more. I understand that inspiration can come at the wildest and least expected of times, however I do not want to be overwhelmed by one user posting poem after poem after poem. Choose wisely.-Only one poem per author will be included in the top 3. I don’t want one user dominating the competition and hogging all the prizes for him/herself. However, a poet could place in the 1, 4, and 5 spots, for instance.-Any poem you submit must be posted as a comment on this thread in order to be judged for this contest. The poems for this contest must be originals. You cannot submit anything that has been posted on this sub already.-You will have until this coming Saturday to submit poems.Prizes:1st place: Guaranteed feedback on any three of your poems from me.2nd place: Guaranteed feedback on any two of your poems from me.3rd place: Guaranteed feedback for one of your poems, from me.PM me with your feedback request, a link to the contest you won, and a link to your poem in order to receive feedback.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Sora1499

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