they are more than just rappers..

they are more than just rappers..
i know this isnt /r/depression or anything but..i started listening to the boys after finding out how relatable their lyrics can be/ and are to me and alot more people.i also liked them because they are so humble. they tell us fans how they feel/felt at the time of writing their music. they dont care about being sentimental or anything like that, they are just themselves, and we love it.As im writing this, im 18, next month i will be 19. the girl ive been with since i was 15 and i broke up yesterday bc she was “scared of my self destructive personality and that she wanted nothing to do with me ever again..” she came and even got her toothbrush and shit from my house. its really starting to settle..i am currently sitting in my room blaring sad ass songs by the boys. i feel really shitty and have no hope..666 Suicide Renegadeanyways, TLDR: sad boy thanks the boys for doing what they do.if there is errors sorry im on mobile and fucked up trying to cope.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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