Why I love being on the road

Why I love being on the road
I wake up to the screeching of my alarm, the green numbers only alert me that it is far too early for something this loud. I do a quick double check of my car. Bass, check. Amp, check. Backpack, check. I’m ready to roll. The quick drive to the church is foggy and dark, and I question as to why I’m up before most of the country. A large white trailer and my 5 best friends are waiting for me in the parking lot, all looking as tired as I feel. We load up the trailer full of various sound and lighting equipment, some of which is older than I am. Looking forward to the quick 3 hour drive ahead of us. As soon as I get comfortable in my spot in the large white van I’m so familiar with, I pop in my earbuds and drift asleep, knowing I’m going to need a lot of energy.The smell of gas station burritos and energy drinks are the first thing to hit me when I wake up, for the second time. Only one more hour, at least thats what I was told. I pull open the set list for the night, triple checking over chord changes and running over scales in my head. After passing many beautiful and individually unique cornfields, we arrive at the venue. First priority, set up the sound system. The next half hour is filled with loud crackles, line checks, and frustration. Seventh times a charm, as they say, and we get ready to rehearse. A quick hour of running through transitions, and the band feels really tight. We spend the rest of the day individually warming up, and working on lyrics for the next album. The clock struck 6, which meant it was time to go.The green room smelt of pulled pork and cheese, and our faces were illuminated by the glow of our phones as we waited to hear the queue to go on stage. The next 5 minutes crawl past like days. The sound of applause and whistling calls us on stage. I sling my Bass over my shoulder, and run the smooth pick between my fingers. “Click Click Click Click” I feel the in ear monitors pounding at my eardrums, and from behind me I feel the kick drum pounding at my chest. I count in my head, and after the 4th beat I launch into a song, pushing the subwoofers with every movement of my hands.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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