19 [M4F] #Chicago Let’s go down, down, down to the Toh Kay show Saturday!

19 [M4F] #Chicago Let’s go down, down, down to the Toh Kay show Saturday!
Here’s the deal, I just went through a pretty gnarly breakup so I have no idea what I’m looking for. One minute I feel an urge to hook up like the college frat boy I never was, the next I see a cute couple on the train and do that weird smile-but-frown-at-the-same-time thing, if that makes even the slightest bit of sense. So suffice to say, I’m probably not looking for the girl I’ll one day marry at this point, though if it coincidentally happens, cool I guess.What I do know, is that I have four tickets to the Toh Kay acoustic gig on Saturday. One’s for me, one’s for my buddy coming into town, and I believe he’s bringing someone else. Maybe I’ll find a fourth concert goer here?I’m a fairly skinny, sarcastic, full-time programmer (read: nerd) and fuller-time lover of Toh and his 37 bajillion projects. I also happen to love food, so this show being in a restaurant will be a pretty great time, not to mention the first time I won’t be moshing to these songs (I’ve seen Streetlight the last two times they’ve been in Chicago). And I’m probably at least 37% insane, but aren’t we all?You don’t have to be looking for any particular thing, though if we click in whatever way and something of whatever variety happens, great. If we exchange thank yous, smile, and walk off into the cold, dark Chicago winter at the end of the night and never see each other again, whatevs. But let’s at least get the story to tell!PM me a lyric so I know it’s real.I’d prefer folks local to Chicago or the immediate surrounding suburbs just for ease of figuring out logistics, but I guess if you’re just in town for the show or for the weekend, it’s not a complete disqualifier.
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