22 [M4F] – Tokyo – looking for someone with a heart of gold

22 [M4F] – Tokyo – looking for someone with a heart of gold
I’m currently located in Tokyo, and I find it hard to make friends here. The culture here is not as I expected. The country is so beautiful, and the history is amazing, but I recently got scammed all of my money by a tout, and my feelings towards this county has suddenly changed. I feel trapped until the date if my flight home.A little about myself: I am a shy person, but I am an honest and good person. I currently study commerce law in Australia, in my 4th year. I am an Australian born Vietnamese, and I enjoy watching movies (favourite movie is terminator 2, how to train a dragon, Tron Legacy),YouTube videos (prefer entertaining educational videos and music videos), games (DotA/HoN, cs, tetris (I am a tetris king!), mobile phone arcade games). I thoroughly enjoy listening to music, I believe every song is beautiful in its own way, particularly love Kanye West because his lyrics and beats are too real. Psytrance, rock, hip hop, alternative, a bit if classical if the mood is right.Personal thoughts: I really love weed. Alot. But nowadays I find that it has changed my personality. I see drugs as a way to open new windows or perspectives in my life, but I’m starting to feel like all the windows have been open, and I have realised everything that there is to discover, and a life of drugs is not worth it, even though it make life more enjoyable.Generally I find it hard to talk to girls. I do have female friends, but I could never see myself forming an intimate relationship with them. I don’t know if its just me, but they tend to see me as just a friend that’s fun. But because of my smoking habbit, I have started to become alot more quiet, stuck in my own head in a mental conundrum. I feel bad for the people I smoke with, feeling like a burden to the group.Throughout this entire, I forced myself to stay at home to catchup with my studies (law is really intensive), and my lack of uni friends really discouraged my attendance. The only friends I have left are the friends that I smoke with.If there is anyone who would be nice to msg me, to meet me online or in Tokyo, inbox me. This is my first online post ever, and I really need to get things off my chest to help me get through the week.Thank you for reading this.http://dnlvh.tumblr.com/post/153596150265 Picture of me last week when I was worry free.
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Submitted by dudeking4

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