22[M4F] Ireland/Europe: I’m like expired marmite.

22[M4F] Ireland/Europe: I’m like expired marmite.
Everyone doesn’t like me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Posting a slightly reworked version of my first post here again:I’m a 22 year old Irish man living in the rural west of Ireland, so I’m alone in more ways than just romatically.Brown hair, grey eyes, 5’11, fat bastard.I’m shit at small-talk and general conversations with me die quickly. I had social anxiety pretty bad when I was younger but I got over it, however the lack of ability to make idle chit chat remains.Interests:Video games: I like games, most people do. I studied games development, big mistake considering I don’t live remotely near anyone who I can team up with (especially artists) or near any studios. My favourite genres of games are Simulators (not the joke ones, things like Flight Simulator X and Euro Truck Simulator 2), driving and racing games, shooters, RPGs (but not JRPGs) and Music games. I mostly play on Xbox (GT: AirBiscuit) but have Steam as well, however my laptop is too weak to play newer games and I can’t afford a new PCMusic: I play the guitar, bass and the piano (awfully). I started in March 2014 by playing Rocksmith. I also built my own electric guitar but it’s awful looking and still needs work on the electronics.In terms of music I listen to, Classic Rock is my genre of choice, Dire Straits is my favourite band. I also like Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Blondie, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Toto, Heart, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to name a few. Any other genres I probably won’t like. I hate Country, Rap, and modern pop. As soon as they start playing I’ll just turn off the radio or mock the lyrics.Travel: In both the “going abroad all the time” sense AND the planes, trains and automobiles sense as well.I go to England every now and again. I don’t like sunny countries because I burn to a crisp easily, I’d much rather go somewhere snowy.Who am I looking for? Anyone who’ll give me the time of day really, but I’d prefer it if you:Were over 20 and lived in Ireland, the UK or Continental Europe provided travel to you is reasonably priced. I like Americans less and less the more I interact with them. The annoying accents, the culture and ignorance of other countries besides their own: nothing personal, but I probably won’t like you if you’re from the US (although if you think I will really like you, go ahead)don’t smoke. I don’t and don’t particularly want to be with someone who does.don’t do drugs. Shouldn’t need much explanationenjoy drinking or don’t have any qualms about people who do. I like getting drunk, it would be nice if you did tooAfter the first post I found out how bad I am at texting, so voice communication would be preferred.Message me for my skype or for a picture
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