Album Specific Memories?

Album Specific Memories?
Does anyone else have specific memories for the release day after each album (or as long as you’ve been here)? Here are mine.Vessel: I don’t remember what specific day in the week it was when this album came out, but I remember it being around Wednesday or Thursday. I wasn’t completely dedicated into the band yet, but I definitely liked their available singles. I decided I wanted to sit by myself on the bus and listen to it. The first song I chose was Semi-Automatic. I was instantly addicted. The synths, piano, drums, everything just fell together so nicely. It was in that moment I was hooked; I then continued to listen to Fake You Out and was even further impressed. Those two songs along with The Run and Go are my favorite songs of all time.Blurryface: The hype was dead tbh. Fairly Local wasn’t good (AT THE TIME), TIMH was too lovey-dovey (AT THE TIME). Nothing was really going except the faith and trust they would do a good job (and of course @BLURRYFACE). I was homesick from school the day after the full album leak and the night before that I listened to just Goner and I vividly remember dropping my jaw at the scream. Also DUNFLOWER on Vine (I started my YT thing on Vine) shared the HDS and Street Poetry lyric thing which was pretty sick. Anyway, I was homesick and while in a CVS parking lot, I listened to the album all the way through like a movie. From Heavydirtysoul, to digging that ukulele in The Judge, and losing my mind after Goner.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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