[Discussion] Subjectivity vs. Objectivity in Hip Hop

[Discussion] Subjectivity vs. Objectivity in Hip Hop
Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time now so I’d figure I’d do a write up about it and hopefully generate some good discussion. The idea of subjectivity and objectivity in music has been discussed here a few times, but never quite to the level that I’d like it to be.I believe that music is almost entirely subjective (I’ll get into why I say almost in a bit). What an individual thinks is good can be so drastically different from what another thinks is good that it’s impossible to have objectivity. Not everyone evaluates music the same way, so one person could think an album is fantastic while another could think it’s trash because they hold different values as to what they consider impressive and/or “good”. Lemme use some examples to clarify.I think a good number of people on here would feel like the statement “Lil Boat is a better album than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is objectively false. I don’t think Lil Boat is better than MBDTF, but I’m sure someone in the world does. Why do you think that statement is false? Most would argue that because MBDTF’s lyrics are of a higher quality, as is the cohesion, as is the production. Let’s break each of those down. The average person would say MBDTF’s lyrics are better than Lil Boats because they feature more metaphors, double entendres, complex rhymes, etc. Someone who legitimately thinks Lil Boat is a better album than MBDTF likely isn’t holding the same values as the other person in terms of what they find valuable and “good” in music. If my musical values are positivity in lyrics, carefree vibes and unique uses of autotune, why wouldn’t I think Lil Boat is a better album than MBDTF?With cohesion, I think this aspect is entirely subjective as well. Some may prefer their albums to blend nicely into each other and some may prefer more variety in sounds. Since so many people liked TLOP, I think it’s fair to say we have a mix of both people on this sub. Production as well, I think the production on MBDTF is leagues ahead of Lil Boats, but what makes Kanye’s maximalist production inherently better than Yachty’s “bubblegum trap” sound? I think it’s impossible to make an argument that one production style is inherently better than another’s without your argument boiling down to “it’s better because I like it more”.I think when peoples values can be so drastically different, the idea that one album can be objectively bad or good, or even objectively better or worse than another creates the idea that there is some sort of “musical truths” out there. If we allow “musical truths” to exist with an example like this, why should we not allow them in every other situation? Why shouldn’t “Take Care is better than IYRTITL” be accepted as fact? Some would argue because the gap in quality between Lil Boat and MBDTF is much, much larger than the gap in quality between Take Care and IYRTITL, you can state the former as a fact while the latter is more subjective. With that being said, I’m sure there are people who think the gaps in quality are comparable and may even think that Take Care and IYRTITL are farther away in quality than Lil Boat and MBDTF. Is one group right and is one group wrong? I don’t think so.Now, this is where it gets sticky for me, and where I’m still unsure how I feel. Let’s say person A and person B both agree that they both value metaphors, double entendres, complex rhymes and vivid imagery. Now with this prior information, can person A say they still think that Lil Boat is a better album than let’s say, Illmatic? Lil Boat features almost none of the aforementioned qualities, and Illmatic is riddled with them. I struggle to see how anyone who values all those things could honestly say that Illmatic is worse than Lil Boat. I realize that as I’m saying this, I’m contradicting what I said earlier about music being entirely subjective, but I think when common values are shared, objectivity gets brought into it a little bit. If complex rhyme schemes are your thing, can you honestly say Lil Uzi Vert is a better rapper than DOOM?I know this is a lot to read, but I appreciate anyone who does read it and decides to engage with me about it. I know it’s not written very well, sometimes I have issues with transferring my thoughts to words and this was a way of practicing that for me. What do you guys think?
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