evaluation of backdrifts

evaluation of backdrifts
so friends i am back again to evaluate everyone’s fourth favourite song off of the album hail to george bush, backdrifts.did you know that the band actually wanted to call this “this is the song where we talk about how society is kinda going backwards” but they decided to make it an even longer title and called it “backdrifts.” the song was inspired by accidentally travelling back in time, from the movie “back to the future two: were actually going back to the past so the title is slightly misleading.”so my little head radios, let ;us evaluate this song.the beginning of the song starts off with some samples of a baluga whale saying “whoop” and they played it on a keyboard and made it sound all cool and stuff. but little did everyone know that the sample is actually backwards and sped up a lot so they scrapped the title “baluga whale song.” the song seems to be in the popular “creepy” key, as they like to use throughout hail to george bush. after a few seconds of a little loop that plays through the whole song, they accidentally got caught in a feedback loop that sounds like one of the readioheads banging their head against a crunchy guitar and then it wails some woo and then it ends. they fixed it guys, its okay. but it ends with some lazer shots and a little transisittiton into the wooping drums.oh boy, our tomm boy comes in with some very good words of wisdom. he tells us that we are rotten fruits and damaged goods, just like the american public. this can be backed up with the 2010 census about how many people actually turned out to be rotten fruits and damaged goods, which was very sad to hear. and as rotten fruits and damaged goods, there really is nothing more to lose. but then we voted trump so maybe there actually was something more to loose but anyways. we are brackdrifters.he kinda blabbers on about some other things but thommy doesnt actually speak english, as it is his third language and he sometimes confuses it with american and british. there is some more instruments coming in, like a “boopy” bass, and it sounds very boopy.then the first chorus comes. the band really likes their reverb on the voice, and it actually sounds like the choir that they hired are singing now, which is cool. but he starts talking about this “you” person, but i dont know anybody with the name “you” so it is probably just a british word that he is confusing it with.the political ideas in this song are very present and even forshadows the events of hillary accidentally clicking “forward all” and “delete all” and “oh shit i messed up and you werent suppposed to see that” about those emails. i read some of them and they were very.the biggest problem that alot of fans have with this song is that there is no guitar on the song. the guitar was originally in the song but then jonny thought that it sounded too guitar-like so they replaced it with the baluga whale.the song suddenly stops and thom goes right on ahead and invalidates everything that he has previously and will say throughout the song with saying “uh uh uh.” this may be another slip up but it is hard to tell, as the song is mixing too many languages so we shouldnt pay attention to the lyrics, but we should appreciate the effort put into it.finally a conventional instrument comes in for about six seconds, the famous piano, created by john piano. it is a conventional isntrument because it is not a baluga whale.the song goes on for a while, with some noises like “wee ooo” from spongebob and “cckkkk” from your average white noise. the drumming gets cooler by the end, and the song just kinda ends.thank you for watching this album review, please leave a like, favourite, follow, subscribe, gild, and test post please ignore. please let me know if you would like more because i am being made to make this one at gunpoint and the gunner wants to know if he should still make my type some more. thank you goodbye
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