Examining some of the subtle details in Hibike! Euphonium S2’s Opening[Light SPOILERS for up to Ep 8]

Examining some of the subtle details in Hibike! Euphonium S2’s Opening[Light SPOILERS for up to Ep 8]
(Repost, since my previous attempt didn’t get a lot of notice. Please delete if this breaks a rule.)This was intended to be a very high-effort analysis of Soundscape, the Hibike S2 opening, but I’m no Mother’s Basement and it’s a few weeks past the best timing for that to have had the maximum impact. Instead, this will be a note-dump kinda thing about some of the underlying narratives that aren’t immediately obvious from watching the show. For disclosure purposes, I’ll admit that this is partly in response to the general feel in the discussion threads that S2 has been a major step down from the first season for a whole host of reasons; while some of such responses have very valid reasons, I feel like many are rather ignorant. I also haven’t read any of the LN or know anything about future developments in a significant way.Yeah. Okay.To put it concisely, Soundscape is written from Kumiko’s perspective. The OP serves a very important function framing the essential plot elements of the second season that made it much easier to digest the earlier episodes of the season. Before I expand, first some evidence from the full ver. lyrics.伝えたい上手くなりたい特別になりたいThe latter two are basically the key “I want to improve”, “I want to be special” lines from last season that tied Kumiko and Reina together. This, along with the whole of thematic focus on trying your best, strive to achieve your dreams etc. is a huge callback to the central narrative points of the first season.So why am I sure this song is Kumiko’s and not Reina’s?Here’s two other relevant lines of lyrics:先を行く 先輩(ひと)が 大きく見えるけど絶対に 追いついて見せる 君へRoughly translating to:Though the person who walks ahead looks so imposingI’ll definitely catch up to youWhere I put in bold font was sung in the actual track as 人(ひと), which left it rather ambiguous just listening to the track. The lyrics instead clarifies it as 先輩 Senpai, thus calling forth the new developments to the Kumiko-Reina dynamic in S2 where one of them starts getting a lot closer to one of their seniors.Wonder who that could be.In case it wasn’t clear, the girl on the right in the 4th picture is Asuka, not Reina. In fact, there a total of one shot in the whole OP where Kumiko and Reina are framed within the same shot not counting when the camera swerving over the whole brass band.Alright, so that’s a lot of cool trivia. So what’s the big deal?Well, it’s important because it sets the expectation of what this season is about. It creates the backdrop and hints to the overall narrative for the first few episodes that would otherwise be some very averaging school-life drama.Every episode that focused on Yoroizuka and Nozomi weren’t just about Yoroizuka and Nozomi; it was about Kumiko gradually breaking out of her shell and mingling with other band members outside of Reina and the other first years. It was about learning more about who Asuka is so that when the show inevitably comes to focusing on her character arc, we have what we need to be engaged. It’s about how Kumiko and Asuka will build a significant relationship that drives the story forward to the conclusion that we’ve already seen before the OP started in the very first episode of the second season. It’s all going to be connected, and it’s important to actively think of how that will happen.And it’s not only for Asuka either.This was already made a point long before ep. 8 happened. The OP even makes it very easy for us by cutting from that to this.I wonder why Shuuichi changed to the trombone after going to high school.Maybe we’d have figured it out if we had people talking about that instead of posting about yuribaiting.tl;dr It’s ok to expect more out of Hibike S2. It’s not just about Kumiko x Reina.
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