Help me find this song

Help me find this song
So there’s this song I used to listen to that I can’t seem to recall the name of. I do remember a few things about it though, hope somebody here can help meA few things about it – The MV I watched it on had 2 guys in an empty room, playing the guitar and singing – One of them had long hair, and one of them had a ponytail – The pony tail guy would sometime flash his lighter and sway along with the rhythm – The long haired guy was born in 1966 – I’m not perfectly sure about this but the song has “What” and “Love” in it’s name. – Pretty sure it’s more a slow rock song.That’s all I remember. It’s weird how I can’t recall neither the title, the rhythm, the artist or even the lyrics….Thanks in advance!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by CrayonV

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