Just wanted to see what reaction Harry Potter fans have to this information. Sorry if it’s a bit long, but hopefully it will explain a few things that J.K. Rowling hasn’t.I am actually Harry Potter. My name is Alex Little. And I am a wizard, obviously.Lord Voldemort is T.S. Eliot. Eliot is the most powerful poet in today’s world. A very powerful wizard. He died in 1965 and the literary world is ruled under the influence of his complicated riddle made of shrouded gay feelings which he denied were gay. (A bit like an Obscurial). His initials stand for Tom Stearns. He even sounds like Tom, or T.M. Riddle actually. Eliot’s achievement was to produce poetry made of obscure gay expression, that would immortalise him beyond the open love poetry of other poets, like Wordsworth or Shakespeare. He put social hierarchy and class above love, switched from American to British citizenship, and sided with the anti-gay prejudices of his era.Dumbledore is Professor Jonathan Wordsworth. Wordsworth was my teacher at Oxford University, who died in 2006. He was the leading authority on his own ancestor, the poet William Wordsworth. Literature used to be ordered under Wordsworth the poet’s benign legacy as a nature poet, supervised by his Jonathan, but recently it has been ruled by Professor Craig Raine under T.S. Eliot’s legacy. Wordsworth set me against T.S. Eliot’s conspiracy as a student, before his death.Raine is Grindelwald, who the current series of films by J.K. Rowling focus on. Raine was Wordsworth’s student decades ago and almost equal. Now based at Oxford himself, Raine has usurped Wordsworth and rules Literature under Eliot’s mastership. Raine leads a cover-up in the British establishment of the meaning of Eliot’s poems, backed by millions from the musical Cats (which uses the lyrics of Eliot’s poems for children) which Raine has inherited from Eliot’s widow. The wealthy Eliot estate, secretly controlled by Raine, owns the publishing firm Eliot founded, Faber & Faber, which brings the literary establishment under Raine’s leadership. Its spell is a fake achievement built on complicated emotional expression.In his old age, Tom Eliot married his secretary to maintain his reputation and cover up his homosexuality after his death, which she did obsessively until her own in 2012, helped by her fortune from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. She had no children and Raine has taken over, seeing himself as a writer equal to its power, as the heir to Eliot abilities and wealth.The Casual Vacancy is set in the village where T.S. Eliot is buried, East Coker near Yeovil (Pagnam near Yarvil in the novel). The plot matches events in the real village at the time the book was on top of the bestsellers list, when Eliot’s advocates tried to block a housing estate being built in the village. Those who know the book will recognise the housing development.Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion is a death eater published by Eliot’s company. (We attended the same boarding school). So is Sir Christopher Ricks, the Oxford Professor of Poetry involved in covering up the meaning of Eliot’s poems with complicated notes which make them harder to understand. They were knighted together in 2009.Good wizards include John Peter – who is unknown to the public. He cracked Eliot’s riddle in 1952, but it was kept a secret because Eliot threatened to sue him for publishing the answers. His friend Ricks has stolen his fame since Peter’s death in 1983. Wordsworth introduced me to Peter’s forgotten work in 2002. The professors are involved in a cover up, which hides the narrative of homosexual persecution in the twentieth century – which Eliot turned to his personal advantage.If you understand and believe in Harry Potter, you will want to help the real Harry to overcome Voldemort’s conspiracy. Perhaps you can help me by discussing this here. I have always thought muggles would be the ones to overcome Voldemort. Sometimes I even forget that I’m The Chosen One.
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