I saw Your Name/ Kimi no nawa for the second time today (No Spoilers)!

I saw Your Name/ Kimi no nawa for the second time today (No Spoilers)!
If you recall my previous post, I wrote that I thought Your Name was a 9/10 after my first viewing but could easily go up to a 10 after I saw it again.Well, I’ve seen it again and it has.The reason I made that prediction was because looking back on the film on my way home, I remember all sorts of little hints and bits of foreshadowing. Being able to see the film on a screen again and not just in my mind’s eye made those hints all the more easier to spot – in fact, I picked up on a ton more.In fact, that’s why I’m writing this post – partly to talk of how Your Name somehow just got even better for me and partly because goodness, it’s so smart! In fact, the writers deserve utmost respect for cramming so many hints into the opening act alone. Watching everything play out with knowledge of future events I couldn’t help but think “wow, you had some serious guts to draw attention to that so easily”.But of course, as I reminded myself typing that sentence, I only noticed watching the film for a second time so clearly they knew what they were doing and got away with it (at least for me)!Honestly, the amount of foreshadowing and worldbuilding in this movie is insane, to the point that I feel ashamed for saying the film leaves a lot to interpretation first time around (even though I meant that as a compliment). Practically every single scene and line of dialogue is relevant in some way and if you haven’t already noticed that this is my fourth paragraph gushing about it, again: the amount of detail in this film is just insane!I said in my previous review that I felt the film was just a bit too long; I take that back – I said that because I didn’t appreciate the character building scenes for what they were. Every few minutes I kept saying to myself “Ohhh! That’s what they meant by that!” or noticing yet another small character detail that brings everyone to life that much more. Heck, something I thought was mystical turned out to be a mundane character moment that I was clearly thinking too hard to notice first time around! And because of my being able to recognise more details and see others for what they are, everyone’s relationships feel much more intense and real too. You really buy how these experiences bring Taki and Mitsuha together. I’m remembering one such moment right now and…yeah.The two leads are the best examples of this. Watching the film again just highlighted the expert jobs Stephanie and Michael do portraying Taki and Mitsuha respectively when they switch bodies. I noticed a few examples before but watching the film again made me realise just how differently they voiced their assigned “bodies” throughout the film, which just blew my mind. Michael’s take on “feminine!Taki” at the start of the film is a thing of (hilarious) beauty for example: I don’t know if this actually happened but I can perfectly imagine that the two of them recorded their lines together and helped each other out. Heck, it felt like Stephanie was doing his lines for him then – and vice versa when it was her turn, of course!And as I said before I distracted myself by gushing at the talent of the voice talents, the body language in the film is amazing too, again best exemplified by the two leads. Seeing things like Mitsuha toy with a strand of Taki’s hair were a real treat, even as I asked myself how I hadn’t noticed all these little details – details like these and plot/ more character relevant – ones sooner.The music is also amazing. The insert songs are amazing (I only wish we could have gotten translated lyrics on screen as well, as looking them up on the internet shows they could have been a nice addition) and the OST is a true delight as well. Again, it’s such a treat watching the film again, recognising tracks from the first time you watched each scene and from later reprisals and piecing together what they represent. All in all, what a treat.I know these two posts are probably too rambly to be considered [WT!]s, but if you were to assume my first was a “Watch This!” for Your Name, this post would be a recommendation to watch this masterpiece at least one extra time. There’s a ridiculous, huge number of details and plot points to pick up on, character motivations that become much clearer once you remember the motivators and even the one character moment I did think strange was solved by able to think clearly and get into everyone’s heads much more easily.If the first time I saw Your Name I felt I was on a rollercoaster of intense sky highs and ocean lows, my second viewing was an express train that took me through the entire breadth and depth of Your Name and the ingenious universe Makoto Shinkai-san created, still with incredible emotions but also peace of mind and clarity. I enjoyed every second of it and came out thrilled. Heck, halfway through the film I started getting urges to get a third ticket and when I came out the first thing I did was ask a member of staff if the film would still be around next week! It will, but the timings are a bit weird :PAnyway, part of the reason I keep jumping back and forth between points (in addition to my thoughts just being all over the place in general) is because so much of the hidden details I picked up on and additional respect I developed for the film and the people behind it are tied to the story and the heavy spoilers within. I just wanted to get my feelings out to you and the world before I could even consider trying to contain myself enough to write an analysis or step by step take on everyone’s actions, motivations and the story and the world – if I could even pull that off at all!Anyway, rambling over (for now). It would be hilarious if this wound up longer than my first post, wouldn’t it? Anyway, in the words of another high school brunette wrapped up in the supernatural:Over and out!
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