iPhone 7 Plus microphone/siri issue

iPhone 7 Plus microphone/siri issue
Hi all, I’ve had my iPhone 7 plus for over a month now and been struggling with one particular problem–siri preemptively stops listening or just does not listen at all, i.e. straight up responds with “sorry, I don’t understand” right after it’s triggered, when I trigger it while listening to music, and it seems like that it’ll only happen when I’m listening to music with the speakers on the phone. In some cases siri will even hear the lyrics from the song.I’ve tested the same thing on my iPad Air 2 and nothing happens. Has anyone else encountered similar problems? Is this an iPhone 7/7+ only issue, potentially due to the stereo speakers design? My iPhone 7+ is currently running 10.1.1 (14B100), and multiple tests confirm that all three microphones are working normally. Thanks!
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Submitted by FalseEvidence

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