Song Discussion: Week 84 (In Formaldehyde)

Song Discussion: Week 84 (In Formaldehyde)
Hello everybody, hope all is well.This week’s song is In Formaldehyde, which was recorded during the Lightbulb Sun sessions but ended up as a b-side for the Four Chords That Made a Million CD single (ultimately ending up on Recordings – but without a fade out ending). The song has a nice mix of some Floydian guitar (as found on The Sky Moves Sideways) and the darker, more melancholic approach that SW had been going for with many of the Lightbulb Sun session songs (Untitled, Buying New Soul, Cure For Optimism, etc). Featuring excellent drumming and a killer guitar solo, this song is quite neat, but I can understand how it didn’t fit in Lightbulb Sun. Still a great fucking song regardless. It’s a shame this never got played live (same with Disappear).Anyways, here are the lyrics:Lyrics:Dust in the kitchen / Coffeepot / MicrodotsNow we are coasting / Talking less / Breathing stressSomewhere inside / I have died / So I will lie/ In formaldehyde / People walk / Through my insidesWhen I get out of here / I get a plastic vase / And you get to keep the carOr do you want me to stay? / The things that I have to say / You’ve heard it all anywaySend me to sleep / You always could / FatherhoodTie up loose ends / Make it stop / Forget me notAnd would you really mind / If I told you a millionth time / The story of my decline?You never seem to take / The time to contemplate / Before you annihilate(Written by Steven Wilson)Album Personnel:Steven Wilson – vocals, guitars, pianoRichard Barbieri – analogue synthesizers, hammond organ, mellotronColin Edwin – bass guitarChris Maitland – drums, percussionStudio Version: (Recordings)
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Submitted by Emotional_Ewok

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