[TOMT][Music] Rap-story?

[TOMT][Music] Rap-story?
Right, so due to my job i dont get to fully listen to songs on the radio, but what I can remember is that this certain song is a rap song, (by eminem?) i couldnt find it on my own, and i dont remember any certain lyrics besides “dear stan” and the whole entire song is apparently about a fan writing a letter to a singer about his love for him etc, and asking for a reply or a visit. the singer doesnt reply or visit so the fan drives off a bridge(i think) and then you hear the singer writing back(his mail having not been sent apparently.) i dont know much more of the songs story, but i will be grateful for any help i can get.Luckily my friend saw this and pm’d me the answer. so no need to search for me. thank you for reading this however, the thought of you wanting to help me is well received.
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Submitted by ZerefArcana

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