[TOMT][SONG] Spanish language folk-type song, perhaps Mexican.

[TOMT][SONG] Spanish language folk-type song, perhaps Mexican.
So. This is going to be pretty weird. This is for a song, I promise, but part of the context is NSFW related. 3-4 years ago was the first time I ever saw the weird black and white futanari gif that is semi-famous. This one, specifically –> NSFWAnywho, this post isn’t about the gif, (that’s just for context and a possible clue), it was the song that was accompanying it (this was a gifsound post obviously) was completely out of left field and pops up into my head every now and again. It sounded like a Mexican (or could have been South/Central American or actual Spanish for all I know) folk song that was Spanish language. If I had to guess year, I would say mid 60s to mid 70s. It had the traditional Mariachi instrumental arrangement with trumpets and guitars and percussion with male tenors singing. It was in 4/4, and the tempo was not really fast or slow, at around 115 bpm. I’ve tried googling what I thought were the lyrics, but of course I don’t speak spanish so I’ve not heard what they actually are, but they sound like:Ave jembe leka ooooo, ave jembe leka,Ave jembe leka ooooo, ave jembe leka,the ooooo part really shot up into high pitch, like someone making a slide-whistle sound with their voice. It is completely loony and cartoonish and I just want to hear it again!I hope this is enough for someone to go on, perhaps someone who can decipher my half-remembered Spanish jibberish.
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