Why I can’t love ____45____

Why I can’t love ____45____
Alright. I know how many of us love 45. Think it’s the most underrated song…. And Don’t understand why it consistently gets ranked the lowest… Here’s why I disagreeI think 45 was probably at least half improv’d. Especially on the back half of the track when the banjo comes in. It’s not scripted, there’s a bunch of fluttering crescendos, (I’m sure he does this on purpose) and the melody has no real directionI feel like if any of us knew how to use that vocoder/Messina thing on a basic level- we would all create a song like this. Sure it’s experimental. But it’s not daring. the sound is minimal. Very few “chords” if u want to call them that.again, I’m sure there’s a reason why he did this, but I find the lyrics very boring. It’s basically 2 phrases repeated and altered. That’s it… Leaves me wanting moreLet me know what yall think
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Jeremykeyes

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