Why the mono version of Help! is different from the stereo

Why the mono version of Help! is different from the stereo
This is a repost from a month and a half ago. It didn’t get much attention but people enjoyed the Strawberry Fields post so I decided to post this again.Something I researched today and found interesting. There is a distinct difference between the mono and stereo versions of “Help!”Listen for yourself here:MonoStereoHere is a little story regarding why they are different:As many Beatles enthusiasts will point out, there is a very noticeable difference between the mono and stereo versions of this song as released on record. There are two distinctly different Lennon vocals between the two as well as other subtle differences. What we outlined above is exactly what we hear on the stereo mix, but what about the mono mix? Let’s first take a detailed look at the differences between the mono and stereo mixes and then we’ll look into how, and possibly why, these differences occurred.Mono Mix: First of all, the mono mix has the identical introduction of the stereo mix. However, an edit on this mix occurs right when the first verse begins. This brings in a completely new double-tracked rougher-sounding Lennon vocal on top of the same instrumental track that we’ve outlined above. Differences in the vocal delivery include the lyrics in the first verse that are delivered as “and now these days have gone” instead of “but now these days have gone” as heard on the stereo mix. Also, the line “now I find I’ve changed my mind” is sung in a matter that is spaced out evenly on the mono mix while it is sped up noticeably on the stereo mix. As for a subtler difference, the last word of the first verse is “door” in the mono mix while it’s “doors” in the stereo mix.As we go into the first chorus, we notice the absence of the tambourine as heard in the stereo mix in addition to different lead vocals. An abrupt edit is heard right as George’s jangly guitar phrase begins (heard as “won’t you (edit) please…”), which cuts out Ringo’s cymbal crash and John’s thumping on his acoustic guitar as they performed on the rhythm track. Another edit is heard after George’s guitar phrase ends (heard as “…please help (edit) me”) to bring the rhythm instruments back in. In fact, this same edit sequence is heard in all three choruses of the song. We also notice the absence of the tambourine hits on the one-beat of each measure in the second half of the third verse. And, in the songs’ conclusion, John doesn’t sing the first “help” with Paul and George; instead he just comes in on the word “me” to give a back-and-forth effect. (This effect is emphasized in the film footage of the movie as well.)Stereo Mix: In the stereo mix, each chorus contains the tambourine as well as the unedited ending during George’s guitar phrases, allowing us to hear John’s acoustic guitar thumping and Ringo’s cymbals ringing out. Apart from the lyrical and emphasis differences mentioned above, the vocal performances are nearly identical but are obviously a different performance. Paul and George’s background vocals are a little more off-pitch in this mix, but Ringo’s tambourine accents in the final verse are very much evident.How The Mono Mix Was Done: There was one further recording session that took place to prepare the song for inclusion in the movie. This occurred on May 24th, 1965, not at EMI Studios, but at CTS Studios in London, a facility specializing in post-synchronization. The mixes supplied by George Martin were deemed unusable for some reason, possibly because they featured a tambourine overdub while the filmed opening sequence for the movie show The Beatles performing the song without a tambourine being played. Since the tambourine was combined with the vocals on the master tape, an entirely new vocal track needed to be recorded.In preparation for this recording session, George Martin created a new mix of the song sometime prior to May 24th, probably on a twin-track reel, omitting the vocal track and, presumably, editing out (or muting) the tracks that contained Ringo’s cymbal crash and John’s guitar thumping during the conclusion of each chorus. Then at CTS Studios, this mono instrumental track was transferred to one track of a new three-track reel (which is what CTS had capabilities for) leaving two open tracks for new vocal overdubs. John, Paul and George then re-recorded their vocal performance for the song on one of the open tracks, John unintentionally changing a word here and there in the process. This was then followed by John double-tracking his lead vocals onto the third open track. Therefore, with the tambourine removed from the song successfully, these tracks were then mono mixed and readied for inclusion on the movie.Now, back to EMI Studios. On June 18th, George Martin, with Norman Smith and Phil McDonald as engineers once again, entered the control room of EMI Studio Two to create mono mixes of songs intended to appear on the “Help!” album, including its title track. He decided to utilize the CTS mono mix of the song for its release on record with one alteration. He decided to use the originally recorded introduction to the song, vocals and all, as originally recorded in EMI Studios on April 13th, 1965. He did, however, omit John’s vocal double-tracking, apparently feeling it wasn’t delivered acceptably. When the first verse appears, the CTS mono mix is edited on, which is what we hear then for the remainder of the song.The stereo mix of “Help!,” as well as other songs intended for the album, was also created on this day by the same engineering team during the second session on this day. Since the mix supplied from CTS was only made available to EMI in mono, George Martin had to prepare the stereo mix from the original master, tambourine and all. Hence the major differences between the released mono and stereo mixes of the song. George Martin once again decided to omit John’s vocal double-tracking in the introduction as he had on the mono mix. The stereo landscape has the rhythm track on the left, the lead guitar overdubs on the right, and the vocals centered.Source
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