Worst Breadcrumbs Ever

Worst Breadcrumbs Ever
Haha- this is a really good learning experience for me. I am a 37 year old gay man. My first relationship ended when I was 27 after 6 years. Was very mutual and very amicable. Then I had a 3.5 year relationship end when I was 32 and I was the dumper. I felt terrible for doing it, but we weren’t right together. Now I am 37 and I am the dumpee. I didn’t even know what “breadcrumbs” were until I read that link. Holy eff did my guy give me some terrible ones. Opening the chat for people to share the best/worst ones for us to commisserate together over.We are on 28 days of NC. September 15th he met someone at a bar after he and I had a huge fight and everything changed. We tried going on break, breaking up, talking, not talking- until we decided that taking a long break and speaking in a few months was our only chance. As I look back over my texts and realize things, these were absolutely the worst versions of breadcrumbs ever:(2 nights after we “broke up” and he suggesting that we just need to take a break and not speak for awhile): “I know I shouldn’t be contacting you- but I just needed to say I really miss you right now”6 days after: “I need to leave class right now because I’m having a panic attack at the thought of us really being over. I don’t want to lose you” (We spoke all night after this – he got really drunk, broke up with me formally. We spoke the next day and decided to just try to talk lightly in contact, but to stop making relationship decisions over long distance)2 weeks later, we decided again we needed to take a long break from each other.1 day after: “I am sending you song lyrics because this is how I feel right now- no need to write back” (the song lyrics were about leaving a relationship. naturally this made me want to get right back in touch and I, in classic style, way overdid it and we ended up fighting that night.The next morning: “Hey…I’m really sorry. For everything. You were right, I was really happy with you. I am so in love with you, and I was happy…I was really happy…but I got really selfish and convinced myself I wasn’t. This is what I do. I find something that is magical to me and I shit on it. I’m just so sorry I took away your happiness as well. Truly I apologize. No need to contact me back” (Naturally I did, turned into a 6 hour text argument and 2 weeks later we finally decided together that the only possible way to have any sort of relationship of any kind is to enter a long period of NC)What are your best/worst breadcrumbs?
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