25 [M4F] “Help me get her out of my heart.”

25 [M4F] “Help me get her out of my heart.”
I really thought she was the one. I was convinced that we’d spend the rest of our lives together. But sitting in my room, listening to breakup songs for hours at a time while I cry my eyes sore and start on my third pint of Ben & Jerry’s today, it’s all too painfully clear that she had different plans. Like dumping me as soon as someone she liked better came along.As I shovel Cherry Garcia into my face, a new song comes on. The lyrics, sung from the first chord, come through the speakers to reach my ears:Well, since she put me down, I’ve been out, doing in my headI come in late at night, and in the morning I stay in bedBut, Rhonda, you look so fineAnd I know it wouldn’t take much timeFor you to help me, Rhonda, help me get her out of my heartIt’s perhaps the most upbeat song in my hastily cobbled together breakup playlist. (But, hey, when did the Beach Boys ever do a song that wasn’t upbeat?) But it’s not the beat I’m concerned with. The message of the song, the pain of a heartbroken man, comes through just fine. And, though I don’t know it yet, the song is prophetic. My near future mirrors the desperate pleas of the singer. Because, currently unbeknownst to me, you’re on the way over. And the comfort you’re offering might just help me get her out of my heart…For this prompt, you will be playing a woman I know who can’t stand to see me suffer from a breakup, and will do anything it takes to help me get over it. You could be an old friend who’s always there for me; my ex’s sister, who has always thought her sister was a destructive bitch and does whatever she can to clean up the messes she leaves; a former (or current) teacher who has been like a mentor to me. I’m also open to any ideas you may have.I’m looking to do something vanilla with this, but if you make a good enough case for a kink you want to include, I could probably be persuaded.My limits are scat, urine, vomit, blood, gore, death, violence, rape, bestiality, and incest (meaning no blood relations; step-relatives I’m open to.)
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