A critique about eminem lyrics

A critique about eminem lyrics
ok i am a big stan ,eminem is (and will be ) the GOAT to me forever ,but lately i was contemplating about his downsidesi realized it was his lyrics ,not the metaphors ,homophones and wordplays ..just the theme ,first he talked too much about his past life and childhood (really too much )i know we can relate to it very well ..and learn from his struggles ..but it became boring overtime (he talked about that in guts over fear)second ,his alter ego slim shady ,i really really love the persona .it was like a role model to me lol …its almost the reason why i loved eminem in first ,,such creativebut the stories he shares ..whats the point about it ? what message he want do deliver ? just cartoonish violence with bunch of nonsense lyrics and disses ,,,the only thing i took from his slimshady songs is to not give a fuckbut when i look at his horrocore songs in relapse (like stay wide awak and 3am) i took nothing from it ( ,he really showed his creativity in those songs ) but again whats the point ?he rarely talks about serious local problems in life and society like kendrick lamar for example (just example ,not comparing)finally ,,i think he talks too much about being the best ,ok he is the best ,,but isnt that a little arrogant? confident maybe ? i dont knowi hope he really change the themes in his new album and make something mind blowingsorry for bad english
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Submitted by bebo_shady99

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