“A Woman Wealthy of a Parous Plight”

“A Woman Wealthy of a Parous Plight”
So I noticed this lyric in City Escape a little while back, and I have a feeling that it’s extremely important in determining the relationship between the Son, Hunter, and Ms. Terri:”In the heat of the night, a woman wealthy of a parous plight erased a harlot’s life.”I consulted the Google machine, because I didn’t know what ‘parous’ meant, and it is a suffix defined as “bearing offspring of a specified number or reproducing in a specified manner.” And plight basically means a trying or difficult situation.So a woman, who was in the midst of a difficult situation involving her bearing of offspring, erased a harlot’s (presumably Ms. Terri’s) life.Who might that woman be? Based on the phrasing of the lyric, it seems to be someone other than Ms. Terri.What is meant by that woman “eras[ing]” the harlot’s life? Does it mean she helped hide her away? Or something else?My personal theory is this: what if the woman of a parous plight is the Mother who Hunter re-connects with in At the End of the Earth? And what if the Mother gave birth to both Hunter AND the Son (wealthy…parous), but could not bear the responsibility of both children (plight), so she gave Hunter to Ms. Terri to allow her to start her life anew as a mother?This may be what is meant by the Son and Hunter being slightly more than half brothers, seeing as Hunter would consider Ms. Terri his real mother, even though he and the Son share the Mother as their real mother.This would also explain why, according to the Story Time notes, the Mother is so happy to see Hunter when he visits, given that she would be re-connecting with her “lost” son.It’s weird to consider that Ms. Terri may not actually be Hunter’s real mother, but I can’t recall any lyrics that specify it explicitly, so I think it could be possible.But I don’t know, this is just my theory. I just noticed that lyric and my mind began racing to try to piece the puzzle together. What do y’all think?
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