[Album of the Month – December 2016] Living Sacrifice – Living Sacrifice – 25th Anniversary

[Album of the Month – December 2016] Living Sacrifice – Living Sacrifice – 25th Anniversary
October’s Album of the Month was the 1991 self-titled debut full-length of one of Christian metal’s most iconic bands, a thrashing death metal release that kickstarted a lengthy discography whose first three albums are generally the most fondly remembered by purist metalheads. So is December’s.While Mortification filled a death metal shaped hole in Christian metal that was beginning to widen, Living Sacrifice picked up some slack in the thrash arena, namely some unfilled space that looked a lot like Slayer. If you were to take all the reviews for Living Sacrifice’s debut album and conduct a word count, “Slayer” would undoubtedly be one of the top results. The influence is obvious, and for the Christian metalhead of the time who was lamenting its absence in the scene, this album was a cause for jubilation.Impressively, Living Sacrifice managed to fill this daunting role while staying fresh and inspired. Not content to be just a commendable Slayer clone, these boys gave the Christian scene something to flaunt as a worthy answer to the Satanic themed metal giant. Bruce Fitzhugh and Jason Truby’s guitars (riffs and solos both) are just as fast, just as brutal, and maybe even a little tighter in execution. DJ’s shouting vocals mirror Tom Araya’s style with a little more bite (and a bit of a slur) and stand out as a noteworthy element on some tracks. And while Lance Garvin would go on to become a drumming legend in the band’s later metalcore career, his just-18-year-old self started here with an exemplary showing of fast and clean thrash metal hammering.And of course, none of this would be worth it without some meritable God-glorifying lyrics.The administration of a mysteryDeath being swallowed up in victoryFrom the grave the soul is redeemedDeath cannot entangle as it may have seemedChrist’s purpose and grace is disclosedBeing declared since the day he aroseFrom dwelling silence there is immunityAnnulling death he brought immortality- No Grave ConcernMetal ArchivesYoutubeAmazon
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