Chance the Rapper blocked me on Twitter and I cried.

Chance the Rapper blocked me on Twitter and I cried.
I found Chance on DatPiff when I was in high school when he dropped his 10 Day tape. I listened to that religiously. Chance then drops Acid Rap and I died. My work in the 10 Day religion payed off and I went to heaven. Acid Rap was my #1 favorite collection of songs that any artist I had ever heard at the time. I listened to it for years. I watched Chance get interviewed by Sway, Rosenberg, and start to rise through the ranks of hip hop popularity. I spent many sleepless nights reading his lyrics, people’s interpretations of them, and I also gave several class presentations about his lyrics and wrote a few papers on his social work for the youth of Chicago. He was my favorite artist of all time, nobody could top him.Then he dropped Chance 3. I liked it a lot at first. I listened to only that for a couple months easily. The more I digested it and read into it I realized I couldn’t relate to the lyrics like I hoped I could. I’d been struggling in life and suffered some seriously heartbreaking loss. I haven’t felt “blessed” for quite some time. Quite the opposite honestly. So this didn’t really click with me. I was simply in a different place than him so I listened to “Same Drugs” “Summer Friends” “All We Got” “Mixtape” and “Finish Line” off Coloring Book and felt content.I told my friend that I wasn’t crazy abut Chance 3 and he told me he wasn’t crazy about Blonde by Frank Ocean. I trolled my buddy on twitter by mentioning him in a music review that gave Blonde a 9/10 and my friend replied, “you hate Chance the Rapper bro” in a very sarcastic and humorous way (everyone that follows me on Twitter knows Chance was my day 1).This was the beginning of when I started to regret ever knowing Twitter existed.I tweeted “@Chancetherapper Chance 3 is your worst album.” I then tweeted “I still love it though” and failed to mention Chance.Chance the motherfucking Rapper hopped on Twitter in that moment and liked my tweet about Frank Ocean that I sent to my buddy, and then he liked my buddy’s tweet saying I hate him……My lock screen woke up on my phone to “Lil Chano from 79th” liked your tweet. I shit my self. I almost started crying, my heart was racing, I was so excited. I ‘fan-girl-ed’ way too hard. I whipped open the notification and opened twitter. I clicked on “notifications” and the likes were gone. I was refreshing it for about ten seconds until I decided to search for Chance’s username and check his likes.”You have been blocked from viewing @Chancetherapper ‘s tweets” in giant fucking letters were staring me in the face.I shed a tear or 70 and audibly said “FUCK Chance the Rapper,” waking up my parents and siblings that night in my room alone; sitting in the dark.Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain’t callingDear /u/Chanceraps,You were my favorite. My solace from the hardships that this life has thrown at me. You were the ‘nobody’ that I kept telling my friends to listen to for years. You inspired me in so many ways, you made me feel valued, you made me want to make a difference in this world. You started my love for the artistry that is rap music.Those things were all true at one time. As much as it sucks to admit it, I’m hurt and embarrassed. I thought that you wouldn’t let anyone bring you down, but I guess I was wrong. /u/chanceraps you read a tweet out of context and took a shit on one of your biggest fans. It just sucks man.I’m sorry I tweeted that ignorant shit at you. I never could have imagined you’d do that shit to me.TL;DR: I tweeted “@Chancetherapper Chance 3 is your worst album” and then followed it up with “I still love it though.” He liked my first tweet, my friend’s tweet and then Chance blocked me after years of being a loyal fan and my favorite artist.
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