[Correction] I tried to write a couple of song verses in French using Google Translate and I don’t speak French

[Correction] I tried to write a couple of song verses in French using Google Translate and I don’t speak French
The lyrics I wrote are supposed to be cringy and silly, but I’m wondering how much of these lyrics actually mean what they’re supposed to mean (obviously for a practical purpose). So here are the lyrics with what they’re supposed to say in English. I tried to keep them simple on purpose to minimize potential errors:Je suis de retour de france comme un déjà vu(I’m back from France like a deja vu)De France avec amour comme un déjà vu(From France with love, like a deja vu)Grâce à vous je ne me sentirai jamais déçu(Thanks to you I’ll never feel dissapointed)Vous me donnez toujours quelque chose d’inattendu.(You always give me something unexpected)(then there’s the chorus which is in english and even sillier but it’s not important here so I’ll skip it. now for the second verse)Paris brille à une distance comme un déjà vu(Paris glows at a distance like a deja vu)J’ai laissé ma fille en France comme un déjà vu(I left my girl in France like a deja vu)Pour rentrer à la maison j’allais monter à bord d’un bateau(to get home I was gonna board a boat)Mais avec le tarif, j’ai acheté une bonne chose au lieu(but with the fare I bought a nice thing instead)I know, the lyrics are supposed to be strange, it’ll make sense within the context of the song. I’m just wondering how well Google Translate does with its new neural networking thingamajigs and how accurate the translations are. Also, on a side note, is Google Translate’s pronunciation reliable? It sure does sound like French to me. Will I be okay if I pronounce words like it pronounce them?Thank you guys in advance x)edit made it more readable
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Argus_Filch_69

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