Decided to meme-ify my Spanish project

Decided to meme-ify my Spanish project
So I’m in Spanish 1A and we have to do the thing but it involves Robbie Rotten because I’m a total memelord. If anyone has the time (you likely won’t 😅) may I have a basic translation of these lyrics? #prayHey! We’re Number One Hey! We’re Number OneNow listen closelyHere’s a little lesson in trickeryThis is going down in historyIf you wanna be a Villain Number OneYou have to chase a superhero on the runJust follow my moves, and sneak aroundBe careful not to make a soundShh No, don’t touch that!We’re Number One Hey! We’re Number OneHa ha haNow look at this net, that I have foundWhen I say go, be ready to throwGo!Throw it at him, not me!Uh, let’s try something elseNow watch and learn, here’s the dealYou slip and slide on this banana peelHa ha ha,gasp! what are you doing!?Just my dumb thing.. sorry lol
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by BibbledyJello

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