[Discussion] Aqours Lyrics Primer – Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara

[Discussion] Aqours Lyrics Primer – Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara
Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara – Because Our Hearts Will Clear Up, Just Like The SkiesLyrics[Refer to LL Wikia for Kanji and Romaji lyrics]When things aren’t going too wellAnd when you feel like breaking into tearsBite down on your lip and make a wish. “Tomorrow will be a sunny day!” Our heartsIt feels like they’re connected, but are they really? The ship sails off into the sunsetAs if bringing all my worries away with it“I can’t give up yet!”Maybe I should say that to the receding waves?Look, everything is fine now! Let’s run all the way home!I suddenly feel like doing something interestingGotta tell you about it, after I get home… When things finally get moving (It’ll be fun, but…)But we keep running into problems (What’re you gonna do?)There’s nothing we can do even if we keep thinking about it. “Please be sunny tomorrow!” No matter what happens, today will come to an end. When the next day comesAre you going to be on the brink of tears again?Everything’s fine! This time, I’ll get back upMuch quicker than I did the last time The moonlight brings me to slumberAs if it was gently caressing me“I can’t give up yet!” I muttered to myselfLook, everything’s fine now! Maybe I’ll wake up early tomorrowI suddenly feel like trying something newGotta tell you about it… The moonlight brings me to slumberAs if it was gently caressing me“I can’t give up yet!” I muttered to myselfLook, everything’s fine now! Maybe I’ll wake up early tomorrowI suddenly feel like trying something newGotta tell you about it, after I wake up…AnalysisOne thing that immediately strikes me about Aqours’ discography compared to μ’s is that Aqours has a lot more songs regarding friendship (Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no and Humming Friend, just to name a few others), while μ’s has virtually none.Some may argue that the lyrics aren’t directly relating to friendship, and I might have agreed, if not for the first pre-chorus (“Our hearts […] feels like they’re connected, but are they?”) and the last line of the chorus (“Gotta tell you about it”). It appears that the problem highlighted is of an interpersonal nature, a disagreement between friends. This makes sense when tied in to the last line of each chorus, when the protagonist lets go of her worries and runs off to tell her best friend about some new, interesting idea she just thought of.Putting aside the strange and arguably out of place first pre-chorus, the rest of the song is definitely about optimism and overcoming adversity. We repeatedly hear wishes for the skies to be clear tomorrow, a direct metaphor for tomorrow being a better day than today was. Add that to the lines “I can’t give up yet!” and “Look, everything is fine now” and you get the usual, somewhat overwhelming optimism that permeates this franchise.The change in the last sentence of the verses from 「あしたは晴れ!」(ashita wa hare, it will be sunny tomorrow) to 「あしたよ晴れ!」(ashita yo hare, please let it be sunny tomorrow) is a subtle change highlighting two different aspects of optimism. The use of the declarative particle 「は」(wa) reflects one’s attitude of believing things will improve, while the use of the wishful particle 「よ」(yo) reflects one’s yearning for a better future. Both are crucial facets of recovering from a setback, having the attitude of wanting things to get better, as well as the belief that things will truly get better.With the slow, melancholic melody of the song, one might have been tempted to believe that this song had an entirely different message, ignoring the lyrics. The striking contrast is what makes this song so powerful. Instead of fully portraying the recovery from facing setbacks, we instead see half the story, ending not when our protagonist has completely regained her optimism and confidence, but at the point where she makes the resolve to do better tomorrow, to continue trying after a good night’s sleep. The message here is not merely one of overcoming your adversaries by being optimistic, but also one of allowing yourself time to rest, to let go of your worries, and to try harder next time, no matter the outcome of what happened previously.It is precisely because the song acknowledges the inevitable sadness and frustration associated with things not going one’s way that the song works best with a slow melody, and that makes its optimistic message all the more effective, for it does not shy away from the reality of everyone feeling down when things don’t go your way.Interestingly, this song shipped with Volume 2 of the Blu-Ray, which includes episodes 2 and 3. It’s probably more than a coincidence that we’re getting a song about overcoming adversity after the last scene in episode 3, which is perhaps the most prominent example of the principle of never giving up.Concluding thoughtsWhile possibly hinting at the growing rift and eventual reconciliation between Chika and You later in the series, Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara doesn’t deviate from its roots as a song of the Love Live franchise, being filled to the brim with optimism. Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara is an excellent complement to the closing scene of episode 3, hinting at the mental states of our second-years had they truly faced an empty hall all the way to the end of their performance. It is heartening to know that our characters will eventually pick themselves up after facing any adversity, which makes this song all the more motivating for anyone stuck in a rut.Translation Corner: Regarding「頑張る」(Ganbaru)The phrase 「頑張る」is not foreign to people familiar with Love Live and anime. But, it is strangely difficult to express the same feeling in English. Often translated as “to work hard”, “to persist”, or even “to keep going”, these translations seem incapable of capturing its full meaning. 「頑張る」is something that people may scream out during a sports match, or merely to motivate someone to keep up their hard work, perhaps when one’s friend is studying for a test. However, most translations can’t capture this concept in few enough syllabi. As a compromise, I chose to use “don’t give up”, which was the best I could to blend the original meaning of the phrase with an English phrase short and impactful enough to be said out loud.
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