Does anyone know The Outs?

Does anyone know The Outs?
The Outs are a band from Rio de Janeiro that sound a lot like Oasis and the Beatles. The lead singer both looks and sounds shockingly similar to Liam. The Outs actually won the Dig Out Your Soul cover contest with their cover of Bag It Up. They’ve released 2 EPs in English, Sprial Dreams and Marmalade Land, both of which have some great songs. They have a real psychadelic jam to them that combines well with their Beatley-Oasis vibe. What Brings Me Down is a great song from their Marmalade Land EP. They also released an album this year. The songs sound great, even more developed than the EPs. For the album, the lyrics are all in Portuguese. Does anybody know this band? What do you guys think?
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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