evaluation of weird fishes/arpeggi

evaluation of weird fishes/arpeggi
hello my little radio headies, how are you all doing today? do you ever feel like you want to become a fish? maybe you would like to be one of the weird ones? well, we sure do have a surprise for you today. we will be exploring the ocean in search of some wired fishes, along with arpeggi or something.let me give some backstory to the song wired fishes and in rainbows in general: after hail to george bush, they thought they were going a bit crazy from all the creepy chords they made, so they decided to break up the band for about six minutes. then, after ed went on a trip to the carribean (yes the place with the pirates and fishes), he went for a dive in the beautiful ocean of the atlantis. during his scuba diving trip of four minutes, he saw lots of many fishes with wires, so he wanted to make a song about them called “wired fishes,” but jonny thought that it would be sending the wrong message (that message was “hey there are fishes with wires in the ocean”), so they changed it to weird fishes, which actually makes no sense.so my little creamballs, let us explore the song. phil finally gets his very own solo right at the beginning of the song, with the first section being your every day “one two three for” with the drum stickies, and goes into a cool beat that sounds like exactly what they were trying to emulate with the title: weird fishes banging on drums in synchronicity with each other. after a few measures, thom introduces us to the guitar with a little “uhn.” this was regarded as the best part of the album by pitchfrog, but they eventually had to change it to 15 steppers’ drum because the “uhn” was regarded as “too provocative”.surprisingly enough, there are no actual baluga whales in the song, which makes sense because the song is not called “weird baluga whales.” so, we are introduced to the first of the four “arpeggis”. in musical terms, an arpeggi is a section of a song that people really dont know what else to call it. i got this information from here. it is actually a guitar, the second one on the entire album. the other one is in the other three songs before it.with the arpeggis, they actually sound like the ocean. it is not possible to correctly emulate the sound of the ocean, except radiohead can do that because they are smart, which will make you smart. it is proven that this song can increase your IQ by one point. what is good to notice about the guitar and bass is that it sounds pretty normal for the first five or six seconds, until another guitar is overdubbed onto it, playing the riff known as “weird fishes riff 2”. with the combination of all the instruments, we get an orchestra (without the other orchestral instruments though so it is just called a band.).look what time it is: thom time. he tells us about ed’s adventure in exploring the wired fishes, and he knows this because ed told him about it and they are friends. he tells us that at the bottom of the sea, your eyes turned him. it is commonly mistaken as a lyric that says “your eyes turn green,” which is just silly because nobody has green eyes. thom comes in with his commentary asking why should he stay, but it is obvious that he should not because humans cannot breathe underwater unless they carry some of the air down with them. apparently. according to ed, phil appeared and told ed where to go, and so phil leads and he would be crazy not to follow him because humans cannot breathe underwater. at this point, there is another guitar, called the famous “weird fishes riff 3”. it adds a lot of depth to the ocean sound, making us set in the world of fishes and water, which is just kind of beautiful when you think about it. but you will also drown so it turns not so beautiful anymore, which is why this is the most controversial song off of the album, next to nude, because being nude in public is not allowed.surprisingly enough, this song was also the introduction of ed’s vocals, except for all the other songs that he sang on before. so it probably was not the first song but it is the first song that he sang his own name in the background. some may think that this is just ed singing, but it gives us more story, as he forgets where he is. this may be because he held his breath for too long and he’s slowly dying and going crazy. thom just keeps singing his own thing while ed is drowning, which is actually very sad. everybody leaves if they get the chance, which is obvious if you are drowning.there is another misconception heard in the next lyrics, where thommy boy sayd “i get eaten by the worms.” it does not make sense because the song is called “wierd fishes,” not “weird fishes and worms.” but it sounds like “i get eaten by the walls,” which actually makes sense because doors are the mouth of a wall, so it makes sense to get eaten by the walls. all the while, they start playing the marimba, and it makes it sound like water droplets or something, which gives more atmosphrere to the song.they go into an instrumental part, where they start playing sonar pings, wweeweees, and other such instruments to make the whole drowning thing not seem that bad. they go on for a while just because it takes a little while to drown. the song ends when ed drowned and phil came and brought him back up, and so ed respawns and tells us taht we need a song about fishes, which a lot of people thought was weird, but it is all about death and sadness.will we ever know what’s actually at the bottom of the sea? will we ever get back the old ed? where is CR-78? all these questions are bad questions.please tell me what song we must evaluate next. and as always, stay salty my radio heads.
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