[EVENT] The 9th Mazhilis of Kazakhstan

[EVENT] The 9th Mazhilis of Kazakhstan
The outcome of this election was a shock for Kazakhstan. The newly established Russian Party of Kazakhstan, which was predicted to win most of the ethnic minority votes, went far beyond the predictions – many Kazakhs, thus consolidating power in northern and eastern Kazakhstan (including the Astana City Council). It ended up forming a coalition government with Nur Otan, although their views are fundamentally different on internal policy (for example, the Russian party advocates for a Russian autonomous region in the country’s northeast, as well as for writing two sets of lyrics for the Kazakhstani national anthem, one in Russian, one in Kazakh, with both having equal status).The distribution of seats is such (this Mazhilis has 100 seats):Nur Otan: 53 seats;Russian party: 33 seats;Ak Zhol Party: 10 seats;Communist People’s Party: 3 seats.1 independent, Galym Ozarbakov, was elected, representing the Karagandy constituency.The speaker is Vladimir Shkolnik, the leader of the Russian Party, a social democratic, technocratic party which supports Nur Otan’s foreign policy, but is opposed to its Kazakh nationalistic policies at home.
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