Guide to Danish Hip Hop!

Guide to Danish Hip Hop!
What up /r/hhhInspired by the recent guide to Chinese hip hop, I felt like I could make a guide to Danish hip hop. I don’t think a lot of people are going to give a shit (maybe because it’s in danish lol), but a lot has happened in the last 5 years in the scene, so I feel like it hella deserves to be showcased. I don’t make any music myself, but I do go to a lot of shows and try to keep up with the Danish music scene as much as I can – and annotate a lot of Danish music on RapGenius. It’s really not that hard, there aren’t too many artists; I like to compare it to like a single city in America ;).I think I’m going to sort it by time and where they’re from, and then a category about the specific crews, since that makes the most sense in my head. It might not be the best way of doing it though, but what do I know, I’ve never done anything like this lol Also, there is a pretty big wave of dancehall/reggae/dance music that has been coming out these past years, but I’ll try to steer clear from most of that, although I’ll have to include some.—————-#—————-ÅrhusJohnson: Århus party-legend Johnson is from the outskirts of the city and has been making great music for over a decade, and a lot of it with his homie and fellow Århusian U$O. They have been throwing parties and turning up all over Denmark ever since they started and Johnson has become a party stable – doing club tours every once in a while and small time stuff like that. Gigs that give people the chance to enjoy his music and party to it. He has actually featured on the Tech N9ne record ”Worldwide Choppers” from 2011. He really made some no-nonsense music that everyone can agree upon, and he deserves a shitton of respect for it.Johnson – Det PasserU$O: Another prominent Århus rapper and almost the right hand man of Johnson – these two are almost inseperable. Anytime you see Johnson playing at a festival, you can almost be certain that U$O will be there as well.Uso feat. L.O.C. & Johnson “Ingen Diskussion”L.O.C: Liam O’Conner (get it?) is probably the biggest one man hip hop act in Denmark with 10 albums and 3 mixtapes under his belt. As he went from being an angsty teen to becoming a damn superstar, he’s pretty much shown that it is possible to start out in the basement making angry rap to becoming what he is today. He has become a regular old celebrity and a household name in Denmark because of his wide range of recordings, which also let’s him headline the biggest festivals around the country. The guys a legend.L.O.C. – Momentet (feat. U$O)Jøden: An oldtimer in the game, Jøden (literally The Jew) is a veteran of MC’s Fight Night, a annual rap battle contest that took place in Denmark, and a seasoned rapper. In the recent years, he has been collaborating with Ålborg veteran Jonny Hefty on numerous recordings, TV-shows and a ton of other things. Just a fucking great personality to follow.—————-#—————-CopenhagenJokeren: Jokeren (The Joker) is the grand old man of rap in Denmark. As a founding member of foundational group Den Gale Pose and Madness 4 Real, he has 4 albums and a ton of hit singles under him. He’s another one of those guys whose songs everyone just knows, you know? The legit, American inspired rap noise is really what made Jokeren so big. At that time, it was rare to see a rapper who didn’t make very danish rap, which was why Jokeren was so special.Jokeren – HavnenNik og Jay: The absolute icons of Danish music all together. This duo from the suburban outskirts of Copenhagen have cemented themselves as some of the biggest stars in Danish music. They started out making some of the first baggy clothes, bling bling rap in Denmark and they just became fucking shooting stars and they are still putting out music to this day and headlining festivals. I feel like they’re the most important hip hop/pop act ever in Denmark, and if you let people think about it, they would probably agree. You really wouldn’t be able to find someone who doesn’t know who Nik og (and) Jay are.Nik & Jay – LækkerNik & Jay – Endnu EnSuspekt: Orgi-E, Bai-D and Rune Rask form one of the biggest (maybe THE biggest) hip hop group in Denmark, Suspekt. These guy are all veterans in the game, and with their gritty, hard hitting bars and production they have pretty much become fucking rapstars here. A lot of their lyrics are very sociocritical and honest, in which people really identify with and relate to. All the members come from rough social terms, which are pretty apparent in their lyrics and style. It also means that a lot of people can relate to the music; because it’s so real. They don’t really fuck around too much, and I’m sure that’s why they’ve made such an impact on the music scene.[SUSPEKT – S.U.S.P.E.K.T.]( B: Also a MC’s Fight Night veteran, this dude just consistently puts out great projects, and goes somewhat unnoticed by the mainstream media because of his real and untouched-by-the-radio sound. It’s a damn shame, because he’s just really talented, and he’s one of those rappers who gets really overlooked.Pede B – Superstar feat. Per VersUkendt Kunstner: The Copenhagen duo consisting of lyricist and rapper Hans Phillip and master producer Jens Ole McCoy has been on the scene for longer than most people think and they’re still doing a damn good job. I don’t feel like they’ve peaked yet at least. They rep Copenhagen hard and have become some of the peoples favourite music these past years, and they’re just not fucking stopping. They appeal a lot to the younger crowd, but still keep it very real with their sound, not really getting too mainstream – changing the sound instead of letting the mainstream change them. They will be some of the most important acts the next many years, even though they have been the last couple of years. (Jens Ole McCoy almost deserves his own description because he’s such a fucking legend. The guy has been producing tracks for all the big rappers in the game since he was around 16, and he’s still just one of the best producers in Denmark)Ukendt Kunstner – København (feat. Murro)Ukendt Kunstner – OverleveSivas: Sivas is one of those rappers who has been in the game for a long time, but just hadn’t found his sound. That happened in tune with rappers like Kesi and Gilli, with who he has collaborated with a damn lot. They made one of the biggest earhangers of the 2010’s, ”D.A.U.D.A”. He works with the very talented producer Reza who is behind many of their songs. Also just an all around nice guy.SIVAS – D.A.U.D.A ft. GilliBFL/Brian For Life: Huge fan of these guys. I seriously can’t tell if it’s an act or not, but their whole thing is about acting like a ”brian” – something like a chav in England or a slav, riding mopeds, smoking cigarettes and being a small time criminal. It’s so dedicated and so fucking hilarious, and I hope that they keep it up for ever.BFL – Ven Med JønkeMarvelous Mosell: Probably the most lovable character in the entire music scene in Denmark. Mosell has made a character out of everything 90’s and it’s legit the best thing ever. With his veteran DJ, Tue Track, they make beats over old school disco hits and they bang so hard. Songs inspired by retrofuturism, disco, cartoons, love and classic Danish movies have become party stables, and I hope he never, ever stops doing what he’s doing.Emil Kruse – HvorhenRaske Penge: A public school teacher turned dancehall-don, Raske Penge is just a chill ass dude, who makes dope music. He helps the scene in Denmark a lot by arranging events for children around Copenhagen and really tries to make the community better.Raske Penge og Klumben: “Rundt”Pato Siebenhaar: Having helped ever so many artists make their career great, I feel like Pato deserves one of the greatest shout outs of everyone here. It always feels like he’s putting other people’s careers ahead of his own by producing and putting on concerts for them. With his label, Black Cheese, he’s had the hand over so many young artists (all of CHEFF, Specktors, Kesi, Raske Penge and so on) that he almost feels like the damn Godfather of danish hip hop and dancehall.Pato Siebenhaar – Black Cheese Mixtape Vol. 2Emil KruseEmil Kruse – HvorhenMellemFingaMuzikMellemFingaMuzik – A.P.MØLLER ft. GilliSpecktorsSPECKTORS – LÅGSUS—————-#—————-ÅlborgNiarn: An absolute legend. Living an early life with crime and being thrown out of school numerous times, he turned his pains into his sound of struggles from Ålborg. He has lived a life of alcohol and drugs for the last many years, but officially stopped his carrer in 2014. But wherever you go (especially in Ålborg), everyone will know his big songs.Niarn – Mit Liv Mine ReglerLord Siva: A new hope out of Ålborg, Lord Siva is trying his hand (very successfully) at his sound of conscious, “third eye” rap/r’n’b. He is cementing his sound into the people ears, also with the help of new up-and-comers like Århus’ Hukaos crew. Bright future for this one.Lord Siva – DrømmeJonny Hefty: Ålborg old-timer with a raw ass sound. Works a lot with Jøden, and it seems like they just do everything they do for shits.Jonny Hefty & Jøden – Gamle Dreng—————-#—————-Veterans These are the older guys from the Danish rap scene, all being veterans in the game and some have been somewhat active for over a decade. They made the foundation for all the other acts that have come up over the years.Rockers By Choice: The real 90’s rap. Long hair, denim, and everything that was necessary to become the first Danish hip hop act to be featured on MTV. Founded by one of the biggest producers through the times, Chief-1, the group was really the first hip hop act in Denmark, starting a wave of great music through the next 20+ years.Rockers By Choice – EngelMalk de Koijn: One of the more active older groups. They’ve made music on and off, both funny and not so serious music, as well as legit projects.(Malk de Koijn – Klap din Hoddok]( Røgsystem: Maybe the most iconic hip hop/dancehall exclusive group. These guys really made some solid songs through the years, but still staying true their Carribean dancehall inspired sound which really made them succesful. I feel like they inspired the really popular dancehall wave that overcame Denmark these last years.Bikstok Røgsystem – CigarØstkøst Hustlers:[Østkyst Hustlers – Verdens Længste Rap]( Gale Pose:Den Gale Pose – Spændt Op Til Lir—————-#—————-New BloodPizzagang is a 7 man crew from Copenhagen doing their own damn thing. They’re one of those groups of friends that just have fun making the music that they like and they play gigs all over Denmark. Pizza Gang consists of Ceasar, Lil Hawaii, Baby Albino, ASKEKNEPPERDIG, Lil Luksus, Young Turbo, Mr. Yung Polo and Bob, and producers Olympic Sport and Dem’ Hunnit’s.Pizzagang – KarruselThat pretty much goes for Yung Coke’s crew as well. Just some high school friends having a good time and at the same time making dope ass music, with the recurring themes of selling drugs, taking your girlfriend and smoking weed. Yung Coke, Lille Høg, Guacamole Niller, Lille Swag, Lille Nasty and Ung Nissan is the team.Yung Coke – Født Til At BallYung Coke – Dank fra den øst sideThese types of groups are pretty much who are going to define the underground/soundcloud hip hop sound in Denmark for the next years.Gulddreng: This guy is pretty hard to put your finger on. He has made 4 songs, all topping the playlists on Spotify. It’s a pretty cool character made by a really talented artist named Malte Ebert, and the character is all about being richer than you and.. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. It’s well thought out, planned, produced, and I’m loving how it’s unravelling so far. My prediction is, that he is the type of musician that’s just gonna keep doing all these crazy projects and set the bar really high for the Danish music scene.Gulddreng – ModelJamaika: Young rapper who’s making a real name for himself in the underground scene. Being in his early 20’s, he’s been to prison already, which really was the start of his rapping career. Another really exciting young act. He is doing a good job of representing the struggles of young immigrants in Denmark who are battling the system and their social standing.Jamaika – BlodskudtJimilian: The damn Justin Beiber of Denmark, making one of the biggest summer hits of 2016. I worked as substitute teacher all Spring, and this and Blak was all they listened to. But hell, he’s catchy as fuck. Blak & Jimilian – Slem IgenBlak: Feel like this guy is a one-trick pony so far, but he did make a fucking hit in ”Nede Mette”, which was pretty much the most played song all year. It was all the radio played this summer.Blak – Nede MetteBenal: Street, grimy, dirty, honest act – extremely well produced. Benjamin and Albert (hence the name) are kind of new to the game, but are really making a name for themselves. They are dope as shit, and will only go up.BENAL – Fri feat. SuspektVild Smith: Generic pop hip hop, as made famous by the radio. Well produced and all, but just waaay too generic and plastic. Boys Danske HyrderDe Danske Hyrder – Med Mine DrengeSleimanSleiman – Bomaye ft. Livid, MellemFingaMuzikHam VolKanHam VolKan – Bimmer Ella BenzaThe acts I’ve included here are all (mostly) super interesting and exciting, but still kinda too new to describe very deeply. I just thought I’d throw them out there to give a taste of what’s to come, so to speak.—————-#—————-CREWSHukaos: Århus’ freshest and more creative take at a conscious hip hop/r’n’b collective is Hukaos. With frontman Karl William they have just cleaned house in Denmark’s collective hearts. Along with him he has rapper Louis Rustum, singer Thøger Dixgaard, producers tais. and Orbit Crew. Even though they also appeal to the radio’s sound, they have really affected both the underground and indie noices in Denmark. Really important group of young artists, since they have made people see that you are able to do your own thing and still be successful.Karl William – Foruden at ForgudeLouis Rustum – Not ImpressedLil Label: The most recent party hip hop act coming out of Århus. Lil Label is an independent label, consisting of rappers Emil Stabil, Young Bong and Pattesutter, and producer Lil Producer. Denmark got to know frontmand Emil Stabil with ”Er Det En Fugl” (Is it a bird”) in the spring and summer of 2014 and it was an instant hit, catapulting Emil and the crew into rap fame – it was all over Roskilde Festival that year, absolutely insane. Although they haven’t made many songs, the ones they have are legit hits.Emil Stabil – Er Det En FuglEmil Stabil – Allerede IsCHEFF: Gaining HUGE fame back in 2011 with his hits ”Kysset med Jamel” (Kissed with Jamel), ”Ik lavet penge” (Ain’t made money) and ”Gøre sin ting (Do you thing), Copenhagen rapper Kidd became the most hyped in the game, without question. He brought his crew along, with rappers Topgunn, who is a huge rap/pop star now, and Klumben, who is on a pretty succesful Dancehall thing, and producer ELOQ, and they just fucking stomped Denmark. Everyone instantly knew who they were. They made some crazy party tracks, heavily influenced by urban rap and dancehall. Kidd has stepped back and returned a couple of times, even as part of the Hukaos crew under the name Heimdals Sidste Vogter (Heimdal’s Last Guardian), but that was a short affair. He has recently returned with a new single, ”Kidd er din far” (Kidd is your dad). He is probably up to something crazy, as usual. I feel like CHEFF is one of the most important music collectives in Denmark this past decade. They defined both the sound, the streetstyle and the looks of young people all over the country. In the same style as Odd Future, they got sponsored by local streetwear brands and really appealed to the younger crowd, who just ate it raw. It really was a legit takeover.KIDD – FETTERLEIN Feat. TopGunn (prod. ELOQ)Kidd – Gøre Sin TingB.O.C: This Copenhagen based crew, consisting of rappers Gilli and Kesi and producer Benny Jamz, started out trying to make grime great in Denmark, but didn’t really get it to catch on. Instead, they were integral in starting the new wave of hip hop together with Kidd and the CHEFF crew, but with a more serious and gritty sound to it. You can really feel like they are from rough neighborhoods and lifestyles. These days, Gilli and Kesi are mostly doing their own thing. Both are becoming really big, touring and playing festivals all over the country.Kesi – Vors ft. Sivas, GilliGilli – Knokler Hårdt—————-#—————-Honorable mentionsDanijel Drux has to be an honorable mention. He does a shit ton of cool stuff for the danish hip hop scene, from running the most popular hip hop/urban blog DrozDailySteezing (DDS) to arranging concerts at Roskilde Festival and Distortion and showcasing young rappers for Red Bull Studios. He’s just a really hard working dude keeping it real and he deserves a shout out.Droz Daily SteezinPelle Peter Jensen is a DJ and radiohost who also deserves huge props for repping the Danish hip hop scene. The dude constantly plays young rappers and helps them get gigs, DJ’s for them and stuff like that.Pilfinger – one of the biggest producers in the game. Has helped both established acts and young up-and-comers with production and such – while also making huge radiohits as part of his group, Djämes Braun. He makes music with people like Randy Jackson. And you’re just not gonna not make music with Randy Jackson.Djämes Braun – Fugle—————-#—————-In conclusion, I really just wanted to let the world know, that Denmark really knows what it’s doing when it comes to hip hop. When I think about it, I think I was triggered by a dude on reddit, who said ”As far as I know, they don’t have hip hop [in Denmark].” It got to me. Denmark has a really rich story of old school hip hop with the classic, establihed acts, and all the way up to the new rappers, and it feels like there’s new and exciting acts popping up everywhere – and it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping anytime soon. I fucking love it here, guys, I hope you kinda got that out of it – and I hope that you’ll just listen an artist or two, because they really deserve it, all of them.Edit 1: I did what I could with the formatting.. Please forgive me
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