How can I help my guitarists understand vocal melodies?

How can I help my guitarists understand vocal melodies?
I switched from drums to lead vocals for my metal band out of necessity recently, and because I discovered two unique styles I can do; both a higher gritty/raspy tone and a lower barking tone (both Phil Anselmo and Corey Taylor styles). I’ve run into some problems recently though where my guitarist will send over a track in drop D with complete lyrics written out, but no sense of the vocal melody, and then tell me “do your Corey Taylor voice in Psychosocial style for this one” and I have no idea how to get through their heads (they both do this) that specific pitch ranges simply don’t belong with certain tunings (unless they use the right distortion). I sent a recording with the higher gritty tone and I get “that doesn’t sound right, it should be lower” despite matching the pitch of the guitar. What can I do to explain to them that the rhythm guitar dictates the vocal melody? I mean, Psychosocial is in drop A…
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