I feel like my [25/F] boyfriend [29/M] is way too sensitive, but maybe I’m insensitive?

I feel like my [25/F] boyfriend [29/M] is way too sensitive, but maybe I’m insensitive?
For example: Last night, we go out to eat. We’re having a nice time together, light-hearted conversation, all that good stuff. This Tame Impala song comes on “The Less I Know The Better”, and I off-handedly say something like, “love this song, really hits home”.Everything goes downhill from there. The mood quickly sours and he accuses me of thinking of my ex-boyfriend, which is why I made the comment about the song hitting home (it’s basically about wanting someone who’s with someone else).I told him that the song didn’t remind me of anybody, I simply could relate to that feeling of longing and I appreciated the simple conversational style of the lyrics (instead of some pedantic metaphors). I now am fully aware that I should have said just that, not “this song hits home”.Regardless of what I said or did, even down to holding his hands, looking into his eyes, and earnestly apologizing for not thinking before speaking, he was furious. He refused to believe that I wasn’t thinking of any one person in particular.On the drive home, he continued to accuse me of lying to him, that I was thinking of someone and I should just admit it and tell him who it was. I was so hurt, feeling like my words had no value because no matter what I said he didn’t believe me (at one point he even said, “You’re lying about lying”). I repeatedly apologized, not trying to justify my words but to simply explain the message that I MEANT to communicate. When I started crying he told me to “grow up” and that “you’re 25, this isn’t a race to see who can cry first”. I wasn’t racing for anything, I was extremely frustrated.He has always seemed like a jealous and insecure person to me (I’m not allowed to talk to my best guy friend anymore because we had sex a handful of times years ago), but at this point I’m starting to wonder if it’s just me? Halp.
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