Illy seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the phrase “Catch-22”

Illy seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the phrase “Catch-22”
A Catch-22 is a paradoxical set of circumstances from which there is no escape due to mutually contradictory conditions or rules. It was originally coined by Joseph Heller to describe the plight of a fighter pilot seeking to avoid dangerous combat duty by reason of insanity, but subsequently demonstrates his own sanity by the very act of requesting a mental evaluation.Illy’s understanding of the term is neatly summarised up by the frequently repeated line:Some you win,Some you lose,It’s all a Catch-22.Now I want to cut Illy some slack here. The scope of the phrase has expanded over the years, and it can now encompass any number of problems arising from mutually dependent yet contradictory circumstances. A classic modern example might be that a young person is rejected during a job application because they don’t have any prior work experience, however they remain unable to gain any work experience without a job.But even this more contemporary definition doesn’t align with the core argument of Illy’s thesis. The most liberal interpretation of the phrase “some you win, some you lose” still doesn’t land us anywhere near the meaning of Catch-22. In fact, if one is to paraphrase Illy’s colloquial phrasing, the only proper way to express the true essence of the Catch-22 logic problem would be to say:Some you loseOthers you also lose due to inescapably irreconcilable constraints on the situationIt’s all a Catch-22Admittedly that’s a significant increase in the number of syllables which he and Anne-Marie will be required to squeeze into the penultimate line, but if he’s as committed to truth in his lyrics as he claims to be, I’m sure he’ll find a way to make it work.
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