Just listened to A$AP Ferg’s “Always Strive and Prosper” and love. It. review-ish thoughts coming

Just listened to A$AP Ferg’s “Always Strive and Prosper” and love. It. review-ish thoughts coming
“Conscious party trap rap” that’s what was running through my mind after a listen through the entire album from start to finish. Maybe not even conscious, but clever lyrics in addition to that trap party rap sound. Not just dumbed down party lyrics in my opinion.I knew about Ferg but never listened to more than maybe 5 verses like Old English, It G Ma remix and I think he was on a BET Cypher, which I liked him in all of them. I think I heard a song he did with Ritz (that might have been the cypher). So, I was surprised and.. Very impressed at the lyrics and message in some of the songs.And I remembered him as “that guy that does a bit of the crazy rapping, ODB thing”… but yeah. This and ATCQ new album is definitely on the short list of best albums of the year so far for me. I can’t even think of that many other “conscious party” rap besides maybe something like Swimming Pools. I dunno if some shit like Lupe’s I Gotcha or Slow Jamz counts, probably not.He told a fantastic fucking story that was also pretty funny on Hungry Ham. I feel like it may be overlooked. First like 5 times I listened to it, I was just vining out to the best and infectious hook and thinking “I don’t got a clue what a Hungry Ham is, but I like it” (Rap genius told me it’s his hometown or something like that… and then I was like okay. It’s a “this is my city” “this is where I’m from” anthem. And liked it even more.GRANDMA CALL ME MICKEY MOUSE I AINT NO RAT.IS HE SAYING ORGIES OR OLDIES IN VERSE 2? (I thought it was orgies cause that makes sense too. Unless you’re a girl, it’s hard to be in even one orgy that isn’t gay af. Even in porn orgies are rarer than other scenes. So I attributed Ferg’s fame, more money, notoriety etc as him now being invited to orgies where he presumably gets to fuck many not horrible looking women)Strive is great. I’m into this conscious more pop-u EDM rap now. EDM + Rap I always thought was a good combination.Beautiful People.The combo of Condom Found Skit + Let You Go made me 😭😭😭😭. This shit moved away from the party trap sound, but damn. ASAP Ferg officially one of my favourite rappers that made their name post-2010 along with Freddie Gibbs, Chance (actually colouring book kinda fuses this party conscious feel, Up All Night is what I’m thinking of, GREAT LIKE ALEX XAN), Kendrick obviously, ScHoolboy, Paak sanging n shit but dude is on repeat still. BJ the Chicago kid too.
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