Listen Through – BU2B

Listen Through – BU2B
This was the second single released from the album in 2010 and it’s beautiful!In the story, this may be Owen describing his way of being raised to the man he meets in the caravan, who we later find is the Anarchist.In this Clockwork Universe (as it’s commonly refereed to). Everything is just that, clockwork. It’s mechanical and fake. The Watchmaker runs everything, a perfectionist who gained control by introducing Cold Fire. Cold Fire is a reference an energy source that replaced oil once “discovered” by The Watchmaker. It can easily be artificially made, but only The Watchmaker knows how to make it (or something to that effect, it’s been a while since I read the book). But FUN FACT it was actually The Anarchist who discovered it (again, a maybe. This was revealed in Clockwork Lives iirc and it’s been a while since I read that too so I could be remembering wrong).So you get the idea that The Watchmaker isn’t a very honorable man. His character also strongly implies depression. Like his dalmatian who died, but is kept alive so the ritual of a daily walk isn’t disrupted. This is important because it highlights how bizarre it is that THIS MAN set up a belief system based on conformity and karmic reception. AND PEOPLE BUY IT!!!…except for Owen’s mom…She left Owen and his father to go exploring the world because she just couldn’t take the life of conformity. I can’t quite remember what happens to her…I should reread the book.LyricsTime Machine tour
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