Looking for song suggestions for low-tech a cappella performance at a larp

Looking for song suggestions for low-tech a cappella performance at a larp
Hello, all! If this isn’t the best place to ask please let me know and I’ll direct the question elsewhere. However, I need good song suggestions for my voice type and I thought I might have better luck if I ask people who are familiar with singing.About me: I’ve been singing in choirs since I was 8 or so up until high school and as a soloist for almost as long. I’m now 24 years old, and I’m a lyric soprano. My vocal range sits most comfortably between D3 and F6 (although I have performed as high as a G6 before). I have experience singing in choir/classical, blues, rock, pop, folk, and bluegrass genres.Now for my request. I’m a player in a post-apocalyptic larp (live action role-play) game. My character is a performer, and I sing as part of my in-game activities. I’ve slowly built up my song catalog over the past few months, but I’m starting to run out of ideas and asking other players for suggestions has led to little tangible result (mostly because very few of these players are musicians, even fewer vocalists). Essentially, I’d like suggestions for more songs I could perform.Keep in mind that I will mainly be singing a cappella with very occasional accompaniment on guitar (when a friend I know who’s a guitarist can come to a game) or percussion instruments. Pretty much any music genre is fine within the game’s setting, but songs with extremely topical lyrics (references to real world places, names, slang, etc) will seem nonsensical and might not work well. I can do some tweaking to the words to make them fit the apocalyptic setting more, though.To get a good idea of what I can perform already, here’s a list of songs I have so far:House of the Rising Sun (most famously by The Animals)Whiskey in the Jar (folk song)Red is the Rose (folk song)Danny Boy (folk song)The Parting Glass (folk song)The Rocky Road to Dublin (folk song)The Hanging Tree (James Newton Howard, appeared in The Hunger Games)Bottom of the River (Delta Rae)Move Like U Stole It (ZZ Ward)Lillium (Kumiko Noma, appeared in Elfen Lied)The Dancing and the Dreaming (John Powell, appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2)Shenandoah (folk song)Rolling in the Deep (Adelle)Hello (Adelle)All My Loving (The Beatles)When I’m 64 (The Beatles)Save Me (Shinedown)Better Dig Two (The Band Perry)Ain’t No Grave (Johnny Cash)500 Miles (The Proclaimers)Faithfully (Journey)Scarborough Fair (folk song)Dreams (The Cranberries)Wanderer’s Lullaby (Adriana Figueroa)Here Comes a Thought (Rebecca Sugar, appeared in Steven Universe)I’ll Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie)Gone Away (The Offspring)Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)Inside Out (Eve 6)
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Submitted by mr_fishy

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