Making a Song

Making a Song
So up until now I’ve been a lurkr on this reddit, but I think I’m gonna change that today.I had a random headcannon on my way home from class tonight about Dave rapping about being a safe driver. I don’t know why that of all things was what came to mind, but it did. I shared this headcannon with a friend of mine who I met a few months ago at Tampa Comicon, in homestuck cosplay of course, and she said the idea was good.This gave me the WONDERFUL idea to actually make the headcannon true. I have another friend who’s gonna make me a song to rap to, loosely basing it on Coolkid, and I’m gonna write a rap about being a safe driver.I’ll post again once either my friend finishes the music or I finish my lyrics, whichever comes first. I think I might be able to convince my gf to make me some art for it? If not the next post will include an ask for that.Please leave any questions/comments/concerns down below. I’m really excited about making my first piece of content for this fandom and I hope you guys are too!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Dzfjkjer

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