My opinion on what one of the dlc’s should be in iw

My opinion on what one of the dlc’s should be in iw
With dlc 1 coming out soon i have been thinking of ideas for a good dlc 1 imagine this, It would take place sometime in the 90’s with the main four taking up 90’s archetypes the pretty boy, gangster, punk rocker, and rich celebrity. while spaceland has the 80,s aesthetic with music from franky goes to Hollywood and soft cell, i would love to see artists like korn, nirvana, radiohead, nas, snoop dogg, and tupac and many more. the map would take place in a city similar to California where everything has gone to hell and the only other human left is marshal mathers as a radio mixer who talks to the player and plays music (don’t get me wrong its not em’s first time kicking it with infinity ward). instead of the zappers that were in spaceland there would be four guitars that have special abilities like an electric guitar that would make zombies go in a moshpit type thing in which they run into each other killing each other, an acoustic guitar that shrinks zombies (baby gun style), a resonator guitar that makes zombies heads explode, and a double neck guitar that makes zombies head bang to death. instead of tickets you get lyric sheets that you get for playing a guitar hero style mini game.this is just my opinion and it would be cool if you guys comment down below what your dlc 1 would look like
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by TeamCyanide24

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