“Psychopomp” Japanese Breakfast [indie rock, 2016]

“Psychopomp” Japanese Breakfast [indie rock, 2016]
The GoodThis album reflects a sad story of losing someone you love. The sadness is pretty noticeable in tracks like “In heaven”. One of my favorite tracks and the first track on the album, it’s easy to hear what this album is really about. I like how sad and casual the album can be. Great lo-fi type sounds. Michelle’s vocals are so underrated. I feel like this band needs tons of exposure. I don’t want to see this band die out. The album has very nice transitional tracks to give the album an endless flow. I listen tot his album and could barely tell when some track were changing.The BadHonestly, the album is too short. I wished that it had some more tracks. I really liked it that much. Also, the album didn’t have any good use of backup singers in later tracks. Except for the track “triple 7”. I will say that it was really cool listening to the voice sync up. The track “Everyone wants to love you” is the best song on the album for me, but the lyrics may be “too deep” for a younger audience. With lyrics like ‘When we wake up in the morning, will you give me lots of head’. Still, one of the biggest things I had an issue with was not the album. It was the fact that I couldn’t find any information on this band. I know it fairly no, but they need a Wiki page right now. I need more info on the band!Check out my review here: http://theexpgrind.com/all-review-list/psychopomp-japanese-breakfast/
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