(Rap) Do I sound nasal? Also, do I sound monotonous?

(Rap) Do I sound nasal? Also, do I sound monotonous?
I’d rather ask you guys about nasality and stuff like that instead of the hiphop-subs. Any on-beat flow sounds good to them. I have other concerns, however.Not my lyrics. I’ve been rapping for quite a while… but I’ve gotten really insecure about my rap even though I had quite a few views a while back on YouTube. I used a fake rap voice and it severely limited my range, everything I did was monotonous as fuck.I’ve finally started embracing my natural voice – and I’ve been practicing singing lately to get rid of my monotone flow. I’m however worried that I have a naturally nasal voice, but I can’t really tell. I’m also worried that I’m still not seeing as much shift in tone as I want to. This is my “natural pitch” – it’s where my voice sounds the best, but it also has less range than when I go up in pitch. So for example, I’ll use my normal voice just in a higher pitch, whenever I go up and down on certain words I hear a much bigger difference than when I do it in my normal pitch.Why is that?https://soundcloud.com/iamunpredictable_kenan/ruzz/s-MpsvlAlso, another important question… Do I have to rap on key with the beat? I know you have to when singing.Here, compare to the original: https://youtu.be/2x6eCxLVgjU?t=41Obviously recorded in a professional studio with lots of takes – but other than that. What is it that makes his shifts in tone so much more noticeable than mine?
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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