r/mylittlepony’s Unofficial Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

r/mylittlepony’s Unofficial Holiday Gift Guide 2016!
It’s the first day of December and you know what that means? Winter? No, wait, that’s not right… The holidays are almost here? That must mean it’s time for… r/mylittlepony’s (unofficial) Holiday Gift Guide 2016 So much fun we did it again! The second annual (still) unofficial Holiday Gift Guide for r/mylittlepony is back for 2016 and it’s bigger and better than ever! With new categories, more gifts and more community suggestions than ever before, this post (hopefully) promises something for every fan (or someone searching for a gift for a fan). As always, I’d love any input, comments or suggestions you may have. Items on this list are officially licensed unless otherwise noted. Prices are in USD and from USA sites but these items should be available from your local retailer and online shopping equivalent. Just expect to pay more. Especially for Guardians of Harmony figures.No referral links here. I don’t make anything off of this list – unless you consider time = money which in that case, I lost a whole lot.Better-ish formatting this year too:* Item Name – picture/info link ($Price) (Recommended Age) Store/Purchase link | Suggested by: (username) > Description Enough pre-amble, it’s time for the show! BooksThe Wonderbolts Academy Handbook by Brandon T. Snider ($9.81 Kindle | $12.32 Hardcover) (8-12+) | Amazon | /u/TrixieThePowerfulThis cool Academy Handbook is Rainbow Dash’s personal copy and gives insight into the high-flying organization. (192 pages)The Dragons on Dazzle Island by Mary Jane Begin ($12.28) (5-8) | AmazonArtist and author Mary Jane Begin is back with the sequel to “Under the Sparkling Sea” This storybook features beautiful artwork as our favorite ponies head to Dazzle Island to investigate Rarity’s cancelled gemstone order because of the Great Dragon Migration. (40 pages)The Art of Equestria ($14.74 Kindle | $16.46 Hardcover) (10+) | AmazonFeatures never-before-seen art and illustrations and a behind the scenes look at the work that goes into making the show. Highly recommended by fans everywhere (216 pages).Good Night, Baby Flurry Heart by Mike Vogel ($9.88 Kindle | $10.31 Hardcover) (3-5) | AmazonThis wonderfully illustrated bed time story features new parents Shining Armor and Princess Cadance trying to put baby Flurry Heart to bed. The Amazon page features a review by the author’s own mother (40 pages).The Elements of Harmony: Friendship is Magic: The Official Guidebook by Brandon T. Snider ($9.88 Kindle | $10.17 Hardcover) (8-12+) | Amazon | /u/TrixieThePowerfulThe official guidebook for the show’s first three seasons includes character bios, interviews with show staff, lyrics, a map of Equestria and Letters to Princess Celestia. Second volume coming out next June (thanks /u/TrixieThePowerful)Princess Collection Boxed Set by G. M. Berrow ($25.47) (8-12) | Amazon | /u/TrixieThePowerfulShow writer G. M. Berrow has been doing an excellent job with the early chapter books, each featuring a brand new story based on a favorite character. This boxed set contains all four books in the Princess Collection, each featuring a story about Equestria’s princesses. Berrow also has books for almost every major character from the Mane 6 ($25.38) to Daring Do ($47.62) to Starlight Glimmer ($4.20) to Lyra and Bon Bon ($5.99) to Discord ($5.99)My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Collectible Poster Book ($16.28) (6+) | Amazon | /u/TrixieThePowerfulDon’t let the stock vector cover fool you – this poster book is filled with 40 gorgeous posters inspired by the show covering a wide variety of art styles and events.The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princess Celestia and Luna by Amy Keating Rogers (8-12+) ($5.32 Kindle | $8.69 Hardcover) | AmazonWritten by show writer Amy Keating Rogers, this fictional journal covers the history of the two Princesses/gods of Equestria.Little Pony Drawing Book: How to Draw and Create Magical Friends by Lindsay Cibos (8+) ($17)North Light Shop | Barnes & Noble | Amazon (3rd party only)An in-depth, unofficial guide on how to draw adorable little ponies. Plus bonus content for everyone!Collectibles & FiguresFunko Vinyl Collectible Figures (8+) ($9-18++) | Walmart | AmazonFunko still has show-accurate models of pretty much every favorite character from the show. Shop around for best selection and prices. Out of print figures may be difficult to find and expensive. Full list of all figures here.Funko POP! (8+) ($9-13) | AmazonLove those dead-eyed, giant head miniature collectibles? Funko has you covered for ponies. Like the vinyl figures, shop around for best selection and prices. Out of print figures may be difficult to find and expensive.Funko Mystery Mini Figures (8+) ($~7+) | AmazonMini blind-box versions of the Funko Vinyl figures. Power Ponies is the current series (Series 4) but you may be able to find figures from the earlier series. Gamestop and Walgreens have exclusive figures.Guardians of Harmony (4-8+) ($10-40) | AmazonHasbro’s (first?) action figure line for the MLP brand is well… amazing. The Fan Series display models of Celestia, Nightmare Moon, Discord and Chrysalis are particularly awesome.Friendship is Magic Collection (3+) ($2.75-30) | Amazon | /u/TrixieThePowerfulThe Friendship is Magic Collection is a long on-going series of show-accurate figures and playsets for all ages. The current series is based around MLP’s Nightmare Night (Halloween) episodes, but many other figures are available.Equestria Girls Minis (6+) ($7-40) | AmazonHailed as the best (or at least, most accurate) merchandise to come out of the Equestria Girls brand by fans.Diamond Select Banks (5+) ($12-23) | AmazonThese detailed piggy banks also serve as great display figures. Models include Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and Dr. Hooves. DJ Pon-3 and Trixie banks coming next year.Merchandise4th Dimension My Little Pony 12″ Plushies (6+) ($22-25) | AmazonStill the best official and show-accurate plush out there. Plush includes Applejack (with actual hat!), Dr. Hooves, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle (unicorn) and Princess Twilight Sparkle (alicorn – open or closed wings).Aurora Spike 9″ Plush (3+) ($24.99) | Amazon | /u/TrixieThePowerfulOne character who doesn’t get a lot of love in the plush department is Spike. Luckily, Aurora has a fantastic Spike plush for the #1 assistant.Build-A-Bear Plush (4+) ($Varies) | ebay | Build-A-Bear | /u/Balloons_ButterfliesBuild-A-Bear also has a line of great plush as well available on-line or you can stuff them in-store.Vandor Mugs (6+)($10-15) | AmazonVandor has a number of licensed MLP drinkables but my favorites have to be the heat reactive mug, and the Rainbow Dash face mug. The oval character mugs (Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle) are also popular. There’s also this sculpted ceramic mug for those times when you feel like drinking out of Dashie’s head.My Little Ties by our very own /u/kaitou42 ! (14-21+) (Ties, pins and tankards – $Various)For the sophisticated fan. Tasteful MLP inspired formalwear nonpareil featuring ponies, cutiemarks and symbols from the show and fandom. Offers ties (silk, $25), bowties (silk satin, $22), tie bars ($10), pins ($5-7), coasters ($18.95) and tankards ($40-44).ComicsMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Omnibus Volume 1 (8+) ($17.25 Paperback) | AmazonCollects the first 12 issues of the main comic series. Great for fans new to the official IDW comics. My Little Pony Omnibus Volume 2 ($21.20) covering issues #13-24, Omnibus Volume 3 ($14.19, #25-37), and Friends Forever Omnibus Volume 1 ($14.19, #1-12) also available. Comics are also available to purchase digitally through IDW, iTunes or your favorite comic app.Fiendship is Magic (8+) ($13.59 Paperback) | AmazonCollects the 5 issues of the Fiendship is Magic series. Each issue features an origin story of MLP’s most dastardly villains!Art is Magic (8+) ($13.59) | AmazonA behind the scenes perspective on the process behind creating the comics by the people who work on them. Great for fans who love the comics and the industry.MusicSeeds of Kindness: Building Bridges (Donation) | Seeds of KindnessBronies for Good, a group supporting the best charities in the world, recently released their collaborative project, Building Bridges. It’s an album featuring music from talented musicians across the fandom and all donations go to the Against Malaria Foundation. Donating nets you Building Bridges and eight previous albums.It’s a Pony Kind of Christmas (3+) ($6.99 MP3 | $8.58 CD) | Amazon | iTunesThis year’s re-release of “It’s a Pony Kind of Christmas” features all of the songs from the original version, as well as five brand-new tracks from “A Hearth’s Warming Tail,” the 2016 holiday episode. Other official MLP albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.Video/DVD/Blu-rayMy Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Three Movie Gift Set) (8+) (DVD – $13.45) | AmazonDVD gift set of the first three Equestria Girls movies (Equestria Girls, Rainbow Rocks, and Friendship Games) featuring humanized versions of the ponies in an alternate high-school world. DVD and Blu-ray versions of each movie, including the newest one (Legend of Everfree) are also available. Make sure your giftee is a fan of the Equestria Girls series first.My Little Pony Complete Season Sets (6+) (DVD: $13.31 – $23.71) | AmazonComplete DVD seasons of the TV show for Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 and Season 5. HD downloads are also available from Amazon Video and iTunes.CharityThe Brony Thank You FundThe Brony Thank You Fund is a registered charity that promotes and collects donations for worthy causes. Their 2016 charitable partner is the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.Bronies for GoodSee “Seeds of Kindness: Building Bridges” above.Unique/ExpensiveIDW Limited Red Label Series ($125 – $350)Each IDW Limited Red Label item is limited to 100 copies or less and features a hand-drwan sketch card of a character, exclusive packaging/cover and signed art.Custom plush, art, sculpture commissions ($5 – ∞+) /u/notbobby125It would be impossible to list all artists who do comissions so what I’ve done instead is feature some posts from recent weeks:EarthenPony aka /u/applejackisbestpony makes [custom sculptures, including ponies in martinis](https://www.reddit.com/r/mylittlepony/comments/5fc2a3/my_sculpture_collection_is_finally_starting_to/.The AiKawaiiShop on Etsy is a popular and highly-rated cstom plush maker. (thanks /u/KarmasFox !)ViiStar (/u/Viistar) is one of the best known sculptors in the fandom and often has models for sale.Best bet for commissions is to check out artists on DeviantArt or ask for recommendations.Shapeways – 3D printed ponies ($15-350+ based on model and materials)Shapeways, the 3D printing on-demand service, has a number of official MLP items from different artists as part of it’s SuperFanArt initiative. Note that there are deadlines to receive items by Christmas. That’s what I have, thanks to you guys! Suggestions and feedback is welcome as always. What do you think of this list? Anything that interests you? For yourself or someone else? Maybe for your match for /r/mlplounge’s Secret Santa?
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