Russian Video Game Music?

Russian Video Game Music?
Hello there,I have been looking for this song since I was about six. I remember hearing it in a game trailer. The song sounded like russian choral music, sad but beautiful. I could remember some lyrics faintly sounding like “Ой шли”, but there was another word after it that sounded like laiero which I cant find. (That cyrillic means so go). Not 100% on lyrics but it sounded like that. The choir had 2 groups and it sounded beautiful, it was like a echo of this phrase from treble girls then ecoed by bass singers. I know it wasnt a cod trailer or anything. This trailer would have been ps2 era but im sure the song is known elsewhere. I cant remember if it was the same trailer but I remember a teenager in a gunfight on an airplane, and it zoomed in on the bullets with names on them. Almost seemed he could throw bullets? I know this is far fetched but any help would be much appreciated!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by exZachary1

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