Santa Hint First Verses

Santa Hint First Verses
IMPORTANT! – Lyrics to be paired with the Regulate Instrumental by Warren G and the late great Nate Dogg….Reddit tradersWe reddit trade hype beers across the countryAnd we damn crazy tooBut you can’t be stingy on Santa BIFGotta be plenty with the cheer, you know what I mean, send out good beer!REDDIT TRADERS!!! BIF UP!He likes a thick dark stout, or a soft pale ‘loonMy match on the West Coast wants to consumeSome brews for himself so I’m-a send the funkJust packing up his box, sippin in my homeI’m gonna hit a FedEx outside NYCWith a porch bomb headed across the countryBox with some whales there’s no need to freakThat porch blowing up inside of three weeksSo I’m packing it up with Christmas and cheerMy girl walks by saying “that’s some good beer!”I looked dead at her and said “damn rightAll that ABV will have him feeling alright”.Since my partners west coast I’m-a pack and serveThe best shit I’ve got out here in the ‘burbsI’m talkin top beers from up and down the coastTrying to send my partner some of what he likes mostPart two dropping next week… SoundCloud link coming when we get out of the studio…
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Razor9

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