[Spoilers E76] Vox Machina’s Titles?

[Spoilers E76] Vox Machina’s Titles?
Hi, /r/criticalrole!So, this is kind of a dumb thread, but I gush about this bloody show so much, I really wanted to make it.Thing is: I started thinking about how Vox Machina will be remembered after they finish their quest (like reaching level 20). We sort of know by a few panels, that Matt intends for Vox Machina to “fade into legend”, as they pursue their own personal goals.This got me thinking: And you know how we have “Alexander The Brave”, or how we refer to Superman as “The Man of Steel”? Or even how the Sultan of the City of Brass had that really big, pompous title?What if we gave those titles to the members of Vox Machina?Of course, we’ll need to “guesstimate” where they’ll end up when they do reach this point, but that can be part of the fun as well!Here are a few examples, to illustrate:Protector Percival, the Gunpowder Fiend, the Royal Wordsmith, the Beacon of Forgiveness, master of politics and inovation.Protector Grog, the Thrill Pursuer, the Mighty Victorious, the Impactor of Pain, champion of strength and experience.Protector Vax’ildan, the Forever Unseen, the Piercing Shadow, the Heir of Death, maven of cunning and darkness.Protector Keyleth, the Nature Bender, the Ashari Leader, the Lifeblood of Justice, embodiment of will and leadership.Protector Vex’ahlia, the Golden Hearted, the Unsilenceable Roar, the Watchful Sentinel, avatar of benevolence and persuasion.Protector Pike, the Pure of Spirit, the Winged Salvation, the Heir of Virtue, doyen of righteousness and devotion.Protector Scanlan, the Bard of Legends, the Connoisseur of Stories, the Unmatched Lover, artiste of lyric and wit.Okay, I kinda went overboard with this… But you can see what I mean!I’d love to see what you guys can come up with! If you want to do this to NPCs, that’d be fine as well!Thanks for reading!EDIT: Small change in Pike’s title. 🙂
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