[Spoilers] Regarding ‘Too Much is Never Enough’

[Spoilers] Regarding ‘Too Much is Never Enough’
The companion song Florence did for FFXV. Marked as spoilers cause the ending might be discussed in comments!At one point in the song the lyrics areAnd who cares about the thing I did that night?So what, maybe Luna had it rightWhat exactly did Noct do that night? And what did Luna have right?I just beat the game last night and I thought the song fit the game really well, but the entire game I was waiting for “the thing” and to see what Luna got right, and if either of those happened I missed it lolOn that note, I went back to Lucis to continue doing dungeons and quests I missed and the meaning of this song really hit me all at once. D: The last half of the game was very bleak and depressing. Going back to camping, hunting, and driving around with my friends was the perfect remedy for post game depression T.T
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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