Stringify is looking for Android beta testers

Stringify is looking for Android beta testers
Hi /r/homeautomation,I’m an engineer at Stringify. We are an IoT automation platform that currently has an iOS app (been in the app store for almost a year) and we’re looking to grow our Android beta testers group.Stringify allows you to connect all your things together in what we call ‘flows.’ We offer a visual canvas that lets you create very powerful automations – it’s easy to create a flow that says ‘When I arrive home, only if it’s after dark, turn on my foyer light, then wait 5 minutes, then turn it off’. We even have “variables” and “math” things that would let you do neat things like wake up to a different color of light based on the day’s high temperature.We support LIFX, Hue, SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nest, Honeywell Lyric, Ecobee, and about 100 other physical and digital services.We plan on asking people to begin testing our Android app in the next few weeks. If you think you could test, sign up for the announce-only mailing list here: Bonus if you ALSO have an iOS device that you could compare against.
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